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Epoxy Mounting

The ideal solution for mounting specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures and require excellent pore infiltration. Choose our best-in-class epoxy solutions to improve the overall quality while reducing the curing time of your mounts. Combine with our SimpliVac™, vacuum mounting machine, to amplify pore penetration.
Excellent Pore Penetration and Infiltration
Choose Buehler’s epoxy media when pore penetration and sample quality are your top priorities. Easy-to-mix precise ratios make it a great choice in the lab.
Highest Quality Mounts with Fast Cure
Achieve the best mounting performance in your labs with Buehler’s EpoKwick® FC and EpoHeat® CLR. EpoHeat CLR cures in as little as 60 minutes with a curing oven, and EpoKwick FC cures only in 120 minutes at room temperature.

EpoKwick® FC

EpoKwick FC is the fastest epoxy at room temperature while delivering the highest quality mounts. EpoKwick FC has only 2 hour cure time at room temperature, making it ideal for the technician.

EpoHeat® CLR

A game changer in delivering high quality mounts in fastest time. EpoHeat CLR helps you achieve maximum pore penetration within an hour in the oven.

EpoThin 2

EpoThin 2 protects your samples with its low cure temperature while providing good quality mounts.

EpoxiCure® 2

EpoxiCure 2 is a general purpose epoxy system that balances good hardness and low shrinkage.

Epoxy Systems Selection Guide

Epoxy media is the preferred castable system when you need excellent infiltration in the most feasible cure time possible. Buehler offers a variety of products to meet your needs for speed, pore penetration, low curing temperature, and more.

Epoxy Mounting Systems
EpoKwick FC
Component Part Number Size
Resin 20-3453-128 128oz [3.8L]
Hardener 20-3453-032 32oz [0.95L]
EpoHeat CLR
Component Part Number Size
Resin 20-3423-064 64oz [1.9L]
Hardener 20-3424-016 16oz [0.48L]
EpoThin 2
Component Part Number Size
Resin 20-3440-032 32oz [0.95L]
Resin 20-3440-128 128oz [3.8L]
Hardener 20-3442-016 16oz [0.48L]
Hardener 20-3442-064 64oz [1.9L]
EpoxiCure 2
Component Part Number Size
Resin 20-3430-064 64oz [1.9L]
Resin 20-3430-128 128oz [3.8L]
Hardener 20-3432-016 16oz [0.48L]
Hardener 20-3432-032 32oz [0.95L]
Epoxy Mounting Tips and Tricks
  • Some epoxies can be cured more quickly by gently heating, which accelerates exothermic reactions. Use caution using excessive heat.
  • When mixing, tilt the cup containing the resin and hardener slightly and gently work the resin and hardener together using a lift and stir motion.
  • To get the best results, use a vacuum system to evacuate air from samples and pour under vacuum. This best fills gaps and pores in the specimen with epoxy. Cycling the vacuum greatly improves penetration of the sample.
  • Epoxies are sensitive to the ratio of resin and hardener. Be sure to follow the recommended mixing ratio for each product. Measuring by mass is recommended, especially when mixing small quantities.
  • Epoxy systems are sensitive to shelf life, which depends on proper storage. Keep out of excessive high or low temps and extreme humidity. It is good practice to date your containers when received.
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Frequently Asked Questions
When do you recommend castable mounting systems over compression mounting systems?

Castable mounting systems are recommended for mounting specimens that are sensitive to heat and/or pressure. Learn more about how to choose the right mounting media for your needs.

Epoxy media is preferred when you need excellent infiltration and minimal shrinkage gaps, and when pore penetration is critical. Please visit our acrylic and epoxy mounting guides for more information.

You can use our SimpliVac® to enhance edge retention and epoxy penetration in your process. Explore more here.

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