Diamond Suspensions and paste

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Diamond Suspensions and Paste

Buehler’s MetaDi® diamond suspensions and pastes are high-quality polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamond polishing products that provide repeatable performance and deliver exceptional sample quality making it the product of choice for most materials.

They are engineered for maximum material removal while ensuring minimal deformation, enabling reduction of polishing time while achieving superior surface finish compared to any other diamond products in the market.

Best-In-Class Repeatability

Strict quality control for particle size and shape ensures a reproducible surface finish.

Fast Preparation Times

The high concentration of diamonds offers numerous sharp cutting faces to efficiently remove material and polish the surface effectively and fast.

Avoid Contamination

Color coding by micron size helps prevent cross contamination.

Polycrystalline vs. Monocrystalline

Material removal rate directly impacts the speed of each process step. A higher removal rate means moving on to the next step more quickly, allowing faster analysis and increasing throughput.
Polycrystalline Diamonds

Polycrystalline Diamonds

Because of its multi-faceted shape, polycrystalline diamond removes material faster and produces less deformation than monocrystalline.

MetaDi Supreme polycrystalline diamond products provide faster preparation times and reduced deformation. Only small amount is needed for high quality polish.

Monocrystalline Diamonds

Monocrystalline Diamonds

MetaDi Monocrystalline diamond products are cost effective and ideal for minerals and ceramics.

MetaDi Diamond Suspensions

MetaDi Supreme Polycrystalline Suspension - One of a Kind

MetaDi Supreme Polycrystalline Suspension

The unique formulation of MetaDi Supreme brings tight distribution of diamond grain size and high diamond concentration, making it the ideal for the best quality and efficient polishing. Using MetaDi Supreme, you’d need relatively little suspension to achieve the highest quality surface finish. This makes MetaDi Supreme more cost-efficient than other diamond suspensions in the market that require liberal application of suspension for lesser quality results. MetaDi Supreme is water-based and free of solvents.

MetaDi Monocrystalline Suspension

MetaDi Monocrystalline Suspension
Monocrystalline suspensions provides good material removal for most materials. MetaDi is water-based and free of solvents.

Dye-Free MetaDi Supreme Polycrystalline Suspension

Dye-Free MetaDi Supreme Polycrystalline Suspension
Ideal for materials that may absorb dye and affect image analysis.

MetaDi Monocrystalline Suspension Oil Based

MetaDi Monocrystalline Suspension Oil Based
Ideal for processing materials that are water-sensitive.

MetaDi Combo, Diamond Suspension & Extender

MetaDi Combo, Diamond Suspension & Extender
Combination of monocrystalline suspension and extender fluid to maintain consistency when using automated dosing systems such as our Burst Dispensing System.

MetaDi Diamond Pastes

Materials such as very soft alloys, pure metals, or refractory metals are prone to diamond embedding, so a paste is better suited for polishing. Pair with a lubricant like MetaDi Fluid or AutoMet Oil (for water sensitive materials).

MetaDi Ultra Polycrystalline Paste

MetaDi Paste
Polycrystalline paste provides efficient material removal for soft materials.

MetaDi Monocrystalline Paste

MetaDi Paste
Natural monocrystalline diamond paste is suitable for a wide range of materials.

MetaDi II Monocrystalline Paste

MetaDi Paste
Ideal for materials that may absorb dye and affect image analysis.

Polishing Extenders and Lubricants

MetaDi Fluid

MetaDi Fluid
MetaDi Fluid is a water soluble extender for use with Diamond suspensions and pastes.

AutoMet® Oil

AutoMet® Oil
AutoMet Oil is recommended for use with water sensitive materials.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know when to move to the next polishing step?

Both the ANSI grit standard in the US and the FEPA grit standard in Europe relate to an average particle size, but use slightly different measurement methods. The ANSI size is succeeded by the term “grit” while he FEPA number is identified by a preceding “P”. A comparison chart is available at www.buehler.com.

The cloth should be visibly wet without casting off when rotating. Lubrication should be maintained throughout the polishing cycle. Too little will cause heat damage, reduce material removal, and can rapidly degrade the cloth. Too much can result in hydroplaning with little material removal and wastes abrasive.

Abrasive size should reduce during each step of polishing. As a general guideline for diamond abrasives, divide the current abrasive size by 3 for the next polishing step.

It is not necessary to use a separate extender with MetaDi Supreme, however the product is fully compatible with extenders and one may be used if desired such as MetaDi Fluid.

Diamond polishing is typically done from 150 to 180 platen RPM. Further increases in RPM have demonstrated little difference in material removal while increasing potential for waste by throwing suspension from the cloth during polishing.

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MetaDi Supreme Application Tips and Tricks
  • MetaDi Supreme is highly concentrated, remarkably efficient suspension. Little suspension is needed relative to other diamond products on the market. It is not necessary to use a separate extender with MetaDi Supreme, however the product is fully compatible with extenders and one may be used if desired like our MetaDi Fluid.
  • Polishing cloths should remain damp to the touch throughout use during polishing procedures. If a cloth is new or is dry since last use, wet slightly using distilled water. Apply two to three sprays (2 to 3mL) MetaDi Supreme to the cloth. While it is imperative the cloth does not become dry, it should not be wet such that diamond suspension accumulates around samples during polishing. Used conservatively, MetaDi Supreme will provide superior surface finish at reduced cost.
  • For best results, every 60 seconds apply one spray (1mL) MetaDi Supreme. The exact amount of diamond suspension applied depends on the cloth type, cloths such as TexMet C, Trident and MicroCloth will require more than harder cloths such as UltraPad or UltraPol. With any cloth type, simply ensure it remains wet to the touch but not soaking or building up around samples.
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