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Sectioning Made Simple

Any good process starts with a great cut. Explore Buehler’s full range of abrasive and precision saws along with the blades and vising needed to carry out this first step. Buehler has the best products to get your sample started.
Sectioning Made Simple

Abrasive Sectioning Machines

When speed and cut quality are both important, an abrasive machine is the right solution. Choose between manual and automatic machines to get the quality you need quickly and consistently.

Automatic Abrasive Sectioning Machines

Achieve a consistent and high quality cut while making setup and cutting fast using in intuitive programmable interface, allowing users to focus on other tasks during the cycle.

AbrasiMatic® 300

AbrasiMatic 300 Abrasive Cutter

Ideal for small to medium samples using a maximum 12″ [305mm] blade. Has automatic Y cutting with manual Z cut to offer cutting versatility. Comes with optional manual X alignment for fast setup vising flexibility.

AbrasiMet® L Pro

AbrasiMet L Pro Automatic Abrasive Cutter

Ideal for medium to large pieces using a maximum 14″ [356mm] blade. This machine is fully automatic in all 3 axes. It has several features to improve surface quality and comes with automated chamber cleaning. Offered in floor standing and benchtop configurations.

AbrasiMet® XL Pro

AbrasiMet XL Pro Automatic Abrasive Cutter
Our largest cutting machine ideal for large and oversized samples using a maximum 18″ [457mm] blade. This machine is fully automatic in all 3 axes and features an oversized chamber with a high power motor to cut through a wide range of sample materials and sizes.

Manual Abrasive Sectioning Machine

Robust machines to make fast and efficient cuts so you can move through to the next stage quickly. Ideal for non-delicate samples.
AbrasiMet M Manual Abrasive Cutter

AbrasiMet® M

This robust machine is ideal for quick cuts on small to medium sized samples using a maximum 12″ [305mm] blade. High visibility in the chamber and minimal cutting effort make this an ideal solution.

Precision Machines

When working with delicate and/or small samples, precision machines are the ideal solution. Choose between manual and automatic machines to get the quality and consistency you require.

Automatic Precision Sectioning Machine

Ensure consistency, positioning accuracy, and the best quality cut surfaces using the easy to use interfaces. Ideal for small to medium samples.
IsoMet High Speed Pro

IsoMet® High Speed Pro

Our largest and fully automatic precision machine, the IsoMet High Speed Pro has a maximum 8″ [203mm] blade ideal for small to medium-sized samples. Has 3 axis movement of the blade and automatic dressing to keep the blade fresh.

Manual Precision Sectioning Machines

Gravity-fed machines deliver a high quality cut surface through lower feed rates. These reliable machines are great for small and delicate samples, such as electronics.

IsoMet® 1000

IsoMet® 1000 Precision Cutter
This gravity fed machine is ideal for more delicate parts and uses blades up to 7″ [178mm]. Use the optional table attachment to manually feed electronic samples into the blade.

IsoMet® Low Speed

IsoMet® Low Speed Precision Cutter
This simple, gravity fed machine is ideal for small samples and uses a maximum 5″ [127mm] blade. What this machine lacks in speed, it makes up for in the exceptional cut quality.

PetroThin® Precision Sectioning and Thinning Machine

PetroThin® Thin Sectioning Machine
Specifically designed machine for re-sectioning and creating high quality thin sections of petrographic samples, bone, ceramics, concrete and more for high magnification analysis

Sectioning and Cutting Consumables

Choose Buehler’s premium abrasive and precision cutting blades and coolants to optimize cutting speed and cost in your sample preparation process. No matter what task at hand, there’s a sectioning blade to get the job done right with a quality cut.

Blades for Abrasive Cutters

Premium Abrasive Cutting Blades
Achieve efficient cutting with extended lifetime and minimal surface deformation using Buehler’s performance-proven abrasive blades, ranging from 9″ [229mm] to 18″ [457mm]. Our full line of abrasive blades includes both rubber bonded and resin bonded blades for high quality cutting. If you have an orbital cutting machine or would like to cut more delicate samples, we also offer orbital and precision blades for your abrasive cutter.

Blades for Precision Cutters

Precision Blades

For your precision machines, Buehler offers diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) cutting blades, ranging from 3″ [76mm] to 8″ [203mm], when you need delicate and precise sectioning with superb surface quality. Buehler offers a wide range of blades for various materials so you can be confident that your sample will get the best possible cut. To use your precision saw to cut non-delicate samples, we also offer compatible abrasive blades.


Coolants for Sectioning
Effectively cool your sample to prevent heat damage with our water miscible and oil based coolants and lubricants.

Accessories for Sectioning Machines

Find the best accessories within our offering to properly clamp or vise your sample on our abrasive and precision saws.

Accessories for Abrasive Cutters

View our various abrasive vising options to find the ones that best align with your sample material and process needs.
Abrasive Vises for Sectioning

Abrasive Vising

Learn more about our full range of small, medium, and large vising options to perfectly clamp your sample and make setup easy.

Accessories for Precision Cutters

View our various precision clamping and flange options to find the ones that best align with your sample material and process needs.

Precision Vising

Precision Vises for Sectioning
View Buehler’s range of chucks and vises for precision machines. Go even faster with the rapid rail arms on the IsoMet High Speed.

Precision Flanges

Flange Sets for Sectioning
Choose between aluminum and stainless steel flanges for your precision cutter, ranging in size from 1.38″ [35mm] to 5″ [127mm].

PetroBond Mounting Apparatus

PetroBond - Thin Section Machine
Fixture that can accommodate up to 8 samples being affixed to glass slides. Typically used to prepare samples for the PetroThin machine.

Cutting Style and Wheel Path

Chop Cutting

Chop Cutting
The Traditional form of machine operation. Wheel contacts arc is governed by sample depth. Can sometimes have a limited ability with large difficult parts.

Chop Cutting and Pulsing

Chop Cutting and Pulsing
Wheel contact still governed by sample depth. The pulsing action pauses the feed rate in short intervals enabling coolant to wash away swarf and dissipate heat, resulting in a better surface quality.

Y Feed Cut

Y Feed Cut
The abrasive wheel is stationary and the cutting table moves forward completing a one time cut into the sample. Wheel contact arc is governed by sample height.

Y Feed Cut with Pulsing

Y Feed Cut with Pulsing
The abrasive wheel is stationary and the cutting table moves forward completing a one time cut into the sample. Wheel contact arc is governed by sample height.

Planar Cut

Planar Cut
In Planar mode, a Y-feed cut is completed in successive vertical steps. Wheel contact arc is governed by the height of each step rather than the height of the sample.
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