Polishing Cloths


Premium Polishing Cloths

Buehler’s premium polishing cloths help you achieve high quality polish in most efficient time.

They are engineered to offer superior surface finish and flatness in your polishing process.

A Cloth for Every Application

With a variety of fabrics, weaves and naps, Buehler has a cloth to fit every application need you may have.

Delicate Preparation

MicroCut grinding papers provide gentle material removal and superior surface finish when processing delicate or sensitive materials.

Reliable Preparation Results

Our premium polishing cloths used with MetaDi® Supreme Diamond Suspension and Pastes offer a complete solution in your labs.

Coarse Polishing

Coarse polishing is the first polishing step after grinding and is typically done using diamond abrasive.



Our most commonly used coarse polishing cloth, UltraPad is a polyester surface very much like sail cloth with an interrupted surface pattern that enhances material removal.

It is most commonly used for engineering materials including ferrous metal alloys, refractory alloys and ceramic.



UltraPol is a silk cloth. Softer than UltraPad, UltraPol is great in preparation of mineral samples where it provides excellent flatness, retention of phases and high-quality surface finish.


Nylon cloth is an excellent all-purpose coarse polishing cloth. It is highly suited to polishing soft materials (low-melting point alloys, polymers, and precious metals) and is the most durable cloth choice when working with oil suspensions.

Intermediate Polishing

Intermediate polishing is the transition from harder cloths of coarse polishing to somewhat softer cloths that further improve surface finish.

TexMet® C


TexMet is a highly versatile choice for intermediate polishing of many materials. It is a woven, pressed and buffed cloth. It is particularly suited for polishing softer materials such as low-melting point alloys, polymers, precious metals and pure metals.

It is also the most commonly used cloth for manual polishing over a range of polishing steps including coarse, intermediate and fine.



A synthetic woven cloth, Trident is an excellent cloth for intermediate polishing of engineering alloys (ferrous and refractory alloys).



VerduTex is particularly suited to intermediate polishing of large or unmounted samples.

It is also preferred when working with highly abrasion-resistant materials such as ceramic and carbides.



White Felt is a thick, soft cloth that can be used for a variety of ferrous and nonferrous metals.



PoliCloth is a medium hard cloth that suited the best for cast iron, copper and aluminum alloys.

Fine Polishing

Fine polishing is the last stage of polishing using the softest cloths and finest abrasives (0.05µm to 1µm) to achieve the highest quality surface finish.



Our best selling cloth. A synthetic rayon napped cloth with fibers bonded to a cotton backing, our MicroCloth is the most common, all-purpose fine polishing cloth in the market.

MicroCloth is most often used for polishing ferrous metals, copper alloys, polymers and minerals.



MicroFloc is particularly suited for polishing very soft materials such as low-melting point alloys and precious metals.



MasterTex is best suited to non-homogenous materials where preferential polishing is of great concern. An example would be micro-electronics materials where different materials are present in the same sample, or coatings that differ in abrasion-resistance from the substrate.



A polyurethane cloth with a fine, porous surface, ChemoMet is best used for polishing aluminum, refractory metals, silicon and ceramic.

Polishing Cloth Selection Guide

Buehler’s premium performance cloths are for all material applications and are engineered for long life & superior surface finish.

Apex® Hercules

Apex Hercules is a unique offering from Buehler. Magnetic backed resin surface provides long life and excellent flatness. It’s ideal to use it with diamond suspensions and pastes such as our MetaDi® Supreme products.

Apex Hercules H

Apex Hercules H

Fine grinding disc ideal for grinding hard ferrous and non-ferrous materials (>HRC 20/HV 236).

Apex Hercules S

Apex Hercules S

Fine grinding disc ideal for griding soft ferrous and non-ferrous materials (>HRC 20/HV 236).

Polishing Cloth Selection Guide

Magnetic backed resin surface that provides excellent flatness and edge retention. Use with MetaDi® Diamond Suspension.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will my cloths last?

Often, a cloth may get contaminated from improper care or gouged before showing significant signs of wear. End of life for a cloth is typically indicated by unusually high polish time or a drastically different texture than when new.

Proper storage and maintenance will enhance cloth life. Rinsing will also extend cloth life, but requires extra abrasive to recharge. Chamfering the edges of your mount will reduce the likelihood of damaging your cloth with a sharp edge.

To avoid cross contamination, each polishing cloth should only be used with one abrasive size. Applying multiple abrasive sizes to a single cloth can create scratches on the specimen during polishing.

Use magnetic back cloths, which eliminate cloth removal time, or MagnoPad, a Teflon coated carrier plate.

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