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Solutions for Materials Preparation, Testing & Analysis


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Buehler is a leading supplier of metallographic sample preparation and analysis instruments. Buehler’s sectioning machines, mounting machines, grinding and polishing machines, and hardness testers have the best user interfaces in the industry. Our experts in metallography can recommend the best preparation method to pair with your machine. We serve a wide variety of applications in metallurgical labs including, production, research & development, quality control, and failure analysis. Our products are used to analyze and test a wide variety of metallic and nonmetallic samples.
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Metallographic Preparation Equipment & Consumables

Sectioning &

Sectioning Products Hexagon
Sectioning Products
Simple set up and time saving conveniences are core to Buehler’s sectioning products. Achieve high-quality cuts for any material. Buehler offers Abrasive Cutters, Precision Cutters, and a variety of metallurgical blades.


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Mounting Products

Get the most from your mounting step with straightforward solutions for a variety of lab requirements. Choose from cold mounting (castable mounting) including epoxies and acrylics or hot mounting (compression mounting) including mounting presses and powders.

Grinding &

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Grinding & Polishing Products
Whether a lab is looking to reduce rework, improve surface finish, or simplify effort for the technician, Buehler has your Grinding & Polishing solution. Buehler offers grinder and polisher machines, vibratory polishers, grinding paper, and a vaiety of other grinding and polishing consumables.


Buehler Products Etching
Buehler Etching Product Section
Buehler Electrolytic Etching provides a consistent method to reveal microstructures after metallographic grinding.
Image Analysis & Hardness Testing Equipment and Accessories
Image & Analysis
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Image & Analysis Products
OmniMet™ Image & Analysis System offers seamless point & click possibilities. Simple to use and powerfully flexible. OmniMet combines analytical power with unprecedented ease.
Hardness Testing
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Hardness Testing Products
Fully integrated systems remove the guess work from hardness testing with intuitive interfaces and software combined with test blocks that set the standard for repeatability. The Wilson® hardness tester product range includes Rockwell®, Knoop/Vickers, and Brinell hardness testers.
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