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Buehler offers complete imaging and analysis solutions through OmniMet®, seamlessly integrated with Nikon® microscopes. The system combines analytical power with unparalleled ease, offering a simple yet highly flexible solution for advanced microscopy applications.
OmniMet Imaging System

Image Analysis Software

Software delivers powerful image analysis possibilities combined with flexible database functionality.

OmniMet® Software

OmniMet Imaging Software
The OmniMet system seamlessly integrates microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software through an intuitive interface. View standard format images directly from a calibrated microscope or import them into OmniMet for analysis. With varying levels of flexibility, functionality, and analytical power, OmniMet caters to diverse metrology needs for image data archiving and quantitative analysis. Customize OmniMet using user-friendly programmed modules or application scripts for tailored functionality.

Zoom Stereo Microscopes

Buehler offers Zoom Stereo Microscopes from Nikon with high resolution and macro magnification of parts. Perfect for large sample analysis and multi-focal imaging.

Nikon SMZ800N

Nikon SMZ800N Stereo Zoom Microscope
The Nikon SMZ800N features high resolution and macro magnification of parts. This zoom microscope is ideal for large specimen where a large frame of view is needed for sample analysis and multi-focal imaging.

Nikon SMZ18

Nikon SMZ18 Stereo Zoom Microscope
The Nikon SMZ18 is designed for large sample analysis and multi focal imaging. The Nikon SMZ18 has a high resolution, a high zoom range of 0.75 – 13.5x with multiple click stops, and macro magnification of parts.

Inverted Microscopes

Inverted Microscopes are compact, durable and used for high magnification needs. They are ideal for mount sample analysis with flat sample surfaces and are equipped to use multiple light sources for analysis variation.

Nikon MA100N Inverted Microscope

Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Microscope
The compact Nikon MA100 inverted microscope is ideal for simple polarizing and bright-field observation. Operation is easy for use at any quality control department or materials field location.

Nikon MA200 Eclipse

Nikon Eclipse MA200 Inverted Microscope
The Nikon MA200 Eclipse is a compact and durable inverted microscope for high magnification needs. This research grade inverted microscope is ideal for flat, mounted samples and is available in BF, DF, DIC, & POL with halogen illumination.

Upright Microscopes

Upright Microscopes are suitable for reflected and/or transmitted light applications. Perfect for high magnification needs with samples that are not flat or mounted.

Nikon Eclipse LV150N Upright Microscope

Nikon Eclipse LV150N Upright Industrial Microscope
The Nikon Eclipse LV150N is a versatile upright microscope with LED illumination for bright-field microscopy applications. The Nikon Eclipse LV150N is perfect for high magnification needs with samples that are not flat or mounted.

Microscope Accessories

Explore various required and optional accessories for imaging and analysis.

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras for Imaging and Analysis
Attach a camera to any configured microscope to enable on-screen viewing and quantitative analysis with OmniMet Digital Imaging Solutions.

Motorized Stage Kits

Motorized Stage Kits

Use with the MA100 and MA200 and include stage, focus drive, controller, and 3-axis joystick.

Stage Micrometers

Stage Micrometer for Imaging and Analysis
Available microscope slides with a finely divided scale for calibration of optical systems.

Computers and Monitors

Computers and Monitors for Imaging and Analysis
24″ monitors and Windows compatible workstations.

Leveling Accessories for Upright Microscopes

Leveling Accessory for Imaging and Analysis
Keep an image in focus while moving specimen on the stage with this tool for upright microscopes.

Nikon Objectives

Nikon SMZ18 Zoom Stereo Microscope Objectives

Engineered throughout a 100-year history of advancements, they seamlessly integrate with any Buehler-offered Nikon stereo, inverted, or upright microscope.

Microscope Configuration Guide

Choosing and configuring a microscope for sample analysis is a critical step. Buehler offers two main microscope categories: stereo for a broad Field of View (FOV) and compound for higher magnification. The selection depends on the specimen’s size and the desired information. Further customization considers factors like reflected or transmitted light, observation method (BF, DF, DIC, or POL), preferred illumination (Halogen or LED), and whether the primary samples are mounted.
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