Grinder Polishers for Metallographic Sample Preparation

Buehler offers a full line of easy to-use machines. Choose between the EcoMet 30 and AutoMet grinder polishers to provide the perfect solution for your lab. 

AutoMet™ 250 Grinder-Polisher

AutoMet 250

AutoMet 250 is an advanced grinder-polisher with more power to accommodate a greater capacity for high volume environments. The straightforward controls remove complexity from the grinding and polishing process.

AutoMet® 250 Pro Grinder-Polisher

AutoMet 250 Pro

AutoMet 250 Pro has additional premium features. The enhanced programmability is highly intuitive with easy method storage. Improve repeatability with the automated dispensing system. The machine has Z axis removal capabilities for grinding and polishing by depth.

AutoMet™ 300 Pro Grinder-Polisher

AutoMet 300

AutoMet 300 Pro is similar to the AutoMet 250 Pro, with an enhanced motor and larger platen size to accommodate larger samples. It’s also compatible with accessories such as PC-Met and PWB Met for PCB grinding and polishing.

EcoMet® 30 Manual Grinder-Polisher

EcoMet 30 Manual

EcoMet 30 Manual is a cost effective grinder-polisher with the essential functions. It has quick clean features to save time and effort, and is made from a durable metal casting for robustness and stability. It has an ergonomic splash ring for comfortable manual use. Available with single or twin platens

EcoMet® 30 Semi-Automatic Grinder Polisher

EcoMet 30 Semi-Automatic

EcoMet 30 Semi-Auto is an entry level grinder-polisher with an emphasis on simplicity. All functions are easily accessible on an uncomplicated touch screen interface. It’s compatible with a dispensing system to go hands-free during the polishing process and improve repeatability.

MiniMet® 1000 Grinder Polisher

MiniMet 1000

A low volume, single specimen machine capable of preparing a wide variety of materials. Space saving design employs geometric action, increasing specimen consistency.

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