Image Analysis Software - OmniMet™ Software

OmniMet Software

OmniMet™ Software – Image Analysis Software delivers powerful image analysis possibilities combined with flexible database functionality. Customize OmniMet with intuitive user friendly point-and-click measurement possibilities, preprogrammed analysis routines, or with capabilities for running user programmable analysis scripts. The database utilizes a multi-tiered approach to logically organize numerous users and image data with unprecedented ease.

The OmniMet system offers seamless point-and-click integration of microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software via an intuitive Microsoft® Windows® interface. In general, any standard format image may be viewed directly from a calibrated microscope or be imported into OmniMet for analysis. OmniMet software is offered at different levels of flexibility, functionality, and analytical power to meet the metrology needs of every laboratory requiring image data archiving and quantitative image analysis.



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