Diamond Grinding Discs

Easy to Use Diamond Grinding Discs for Your Needs

Diamond Grinding Discs


Long Life Surfaces with Consistent Results

Buehler diamond grinding discs (DGD’s) offer extended life, high removal rates, increased efficiency and consistency and reduced waste relative to silicon carbide paper.

They are a great choice for many grinding applications including grinding very hard materials that silicon carbide paper may not effectively grind.

Process a Variety of Materials

Buehler offers multiple different types of diamond grinding disc products depending on the material being processed as well as the speed and surface quality needed.

Only an occasional dressing is required with some materials to maintain the surface.

DGD Color

Diamond Grinding Discs

Our most versatile diamond grinding disc, the unique characteristics of the resin bond used provides long life and high removal rates on most materials, including ductile materials, most metals and polymers.

DGD Color discs are available with PSA or Magnetic backing in abrasive sizes from 8 micron to 240 micron.

DGD Terra

Diamond Grinding Discs
Resin-bonded DGD Terra provides a very gentle removal rate with excellent flatness and surface quality making it an excellent choice for brittle and delicate materials (e.g. ceramics, glass).

DGD Terra discs are available with PSA or Magnetic backing in abrasive sizes from 0.5 micron to 165 micron.

DGD Ultra

DGD Ultra

The metal bond in DGD Ultra disc makes it more durable than resin bond, and it works great for grinding highly abrasion-resistant materials such as cemented carbides and very hard ceramic.

DGD Ultra discs are available with PSA backing in abrasive sizes from 6 micron to 125 micron.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I store my DGDs when not in use?

When not in use best practice is to remove DGD’s from machines and allow to dry in a storage cabinet or shelf.

When grinding with DGD’s use of 300 RPM (base) and 60 RPM (power head) generally provides optimal material removal, thus greatest grinding efficiency. Always grind with water coolant, adjust water flow such that the disc remains wet yet not saturated with copious water flow as this may reduce grinding rate.

For most materials 5 pounds per square inch surface area is ideal, this translates into ~ 4lbs/1” or 30mm sample, 5lbs/1.25” sample, 7lbs/1.50” or 40mm sample, ~ 12lbs/2” or 50mm sample. When working with highly abrasion-resistant materials (very hard ceramic, carbides, refractory alloys) increase pressure to ~6lbs. per square inch.

DGDs need little maintenance aside from periodic dressing. DGDs can be dressed to restore grinding life when grinding efficiency is reduced 25% or more (e.g. when grinding steps require 25% or more time than when new).

While most any dressing stick from precision cutters can be used for dressing, it is most effective to use the 15-6190 dressing stick. 15-6190 stick dimensions are 1”x1”x6”, it is easy to handle and lasts longer than conventional dressing sticks.
To dress, place the DGD on the polisher, set the base RPM to 100. Turn the platen on and run the water onto the disc surface. Drag the dressing stick over the DGD from center to edge using medium hand pressure several times. This will remove accumulated debris and restore the cutting capacity of diamond abrasive under it.

In the event no dressing stick is available, one can use a stiff nylon brush to clean DGD’s though this is not quite as effective as a dressing stick.

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