Platen Systems

Easy to use Solutions That Add Speed to your Grinding and Polishing Process

Platen Systems for Grinding and Polishing

Tailor your platen system solution with Buehler to achieve the optimal blend of speed and user-friendly operation. Whether you’re employing the Apex S system, a high-friction solution designed specifically for grinding papers, or opting for a magnetic system, Buehler provides an array of platen system solutions in 8-12in [203-305mm] sizes to perfectly meet your specific needs.

Magnetic System

The magnetic system offers quick changing of surfaces with a variety of magnets and carrier plate options to choose from.

While the traditional system allows users to attach adhesive backed consumables to a magnetic carrier plate, Buehler customers also have the option to choose magnetic backed polishing cloths and Diamond Grinding Discs. This eliminates the carrier plate, allowing users to apply directly to the platen magnet.

Apex S System

Specialized, high friction surface facilitates fast application and removal of grinding paper during your preparation process.

Perfect for customers with multiple grinding paper steps, this system is designed to save significant processing time so you can direct your focus on more critical tasks. Explore Buhler’s full lineup of CarbiMet and MicroCut with Apex S backing to optimize your grinding experience.

Magnetic Systems

Choose your easy to use magnetic system to increase efficiency in your process.

MagnoFix Magnet

Our standard adhesive-backed magnet is applied directly to the platen. Once firmly secured, effortlessly apply carrier plates, magnetic-backed cloths, and grinding discs onto your platen system, effectively minimizing setup time.

Apex® M Magnet

Boasting the same great magnetic application as the standard MagnoFix magnet solution, the Apex M comes with a tab cutout for easier placing and removal of working surfaces and carrier plates. Required when using Apex B carrier plate.

MagnoMet Carrier Plate

The standard stainless steel carrier plate, seamlessly placed onto the platen magnet, is the ideal pairing for silicon carbide grinding papers. This is due to the adhesive on the back of the papers being specifically designed for easy peeling when used with these carrier plates.

MagnoPad Teflon Coated Carrier Plate

Teflon-coated carrier plate, for use with a platen magnet, specifically crafted for longer-lasting consumables like polishing cloths or diamond grinding discs. The Teflon coating is designed to limit the adhesion of these consumables, ensuring a secure bond that doesn’t become excessively strong, making removal an easier process.

Apex® B Carrier Plate

This bimetallic carrier plate is purpose-built for use with highly magnetic sample material, as it effectively prevents the clumping of magnetic particles caused by the influence of the platen magnet. Must use with Apex M magnet with easy removal tab.

Apex® S Systems

Optimize the simplicity and efficiency of your grinding process with the impressive Apex S system.

Apex S Film PSA Backed

2-piece system where users can apply the Apex S film directly to the platen. Ideal for processes with a dedicated platen for grinding papers using Apex S backing.

Apex S Film Magnetic Backed

3-piece system for use with a magnetic-topped platen where users can apply the Apex S film to a magnetic carrier plate. Ideal for users who want to use the same platen for grinding and polishing steps.
Platen Systems
Magnet Selection - to convert a standard platen to a magnetic platen
Type Description 8in [203mm] 10in [254mm] 12in [305mm]
Apex® M Magnet PSA Backed (Qty 1) Contains tabs for easier plate removal 41-2739-608-001 41-2739-610-001 41-2739-612-001
MagnoFix Magnet PSA Backed (Qty 1) Standard magnet 16-2070 16-2570 16-3070
Carrier Plate Selection
Type Description 8in [203mm] 10in [254mm] 12in [305mm]
MagnoPad Teflon Coated Carrier Plate (Qty 5) For easier removal of PSA surfaces, ideal for polishing cloths 16-2073 16-2573 16-3073
MagnoMet Carrier Plate (Qty 5) Standard stainless steel carrier plate, ideal for SiC paper 16-2072 16-2572 16-3072
Apex B Carrier Plate (Qty 1) Bimetallic disc for cloth or SiC paper. Prevents adherence of magnetic particles via bimetallic plate 41-2739-208-001 41-2739-210-001 41-2739-212-001
Apex® S System
Type Description 8in [203mm] 10in [254mm] 12in [305mm]
Apex S Film PSA backed (Qty 2) For application directly to platen 16-2075 16-2575 16-3075
Apex S Film Magnetic backed (Qty 2) For use with magnetic system 16-2074 16-2574 16-3074
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I clean my Apex S film?

Please watch our How to Clean Apex S video.

Use magnetic back cloths, which eliminate cloth removal time, or MagnoPad, a Teflon coated carrier plate.
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