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Hot and Cold Mounting Made Simple

Making samples a uniform shape increases consistency, edge retention, and sample flatness to improve the ease of achieving the best results after grinding and polishing. Between hot and cold mounting options, Buehler has the solution you are looking for.
SimpliVac® Vacuum Mounting System

Hot Mounting Machines

The fast, consistent, and high quality solution for making sample mounts with great edge retention and uniform shape using high pressure and heat.

SimpliMet 4000® Hot Mounting Machine

SimpliMet® 4000 Compression Mounting Press
Ideal for small to medium samples using a maximum 12″ [305mm] blade. Has automatic Y cutting with manual Z cut to offer cutting versatility. Comes with optional manual X alignment for fast setup vising flexibility.

Cold Mounting Machines

Machines that amplify the effectiveness of epoxy mounts to achieve the highest quality mounts. Ideal for delicate samples that can’t be subjected to high heat and pressure of a hot mounting press.


SimpliVac® Vacuum Mounting System
This vacuum machine is designed to amplify the effectiveness of epoxy mounts to eliminate voids and remove trapped air bubbles. It features an easy to use touchscreen to control vacuum pressure, cycle time, and number of cycles to create the best epoxy mount possible.

Mounting Consumable

Buehler’s mounting media products are designed for ease of handling and preservation of the sample edge. Explore below for our best-in-class hot (compression) and cold (castable) mounting compounds to make your metallographic sample preparation easier, faster, and more efficient.

Hot (Compression) Mounting Compounds

Hot Compression Mounting
Hot mounting compounds utilize heat and pressure to encapsulate a specimen and turn them into a flat and uniform mount with your sample inside. Buehler’s compression mounting compounds minimize shrinkage while protecting and preserving sample edges during the preparation process, and are here to meet your easier and faster sample preparation needs.

Epoxy Mounting Systems

Epoxy Mounting Systems

The Ideal solution for mounting specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures and require excellent pore infiltration. Choose our best-in class epoxy solutions to improve the overall quality while reducing the curing time of your mounts. Combine with our SimpliVac®, vacuum mounting machine, to amplify pore penetration.

Acrylic Mounting Systems

Acrylic Mounting System
The ideal solution for simple geometry specimens that are sensitive to high pressures and temperatures. With cure times as low as 5 minutes, Buehler’s range of acrylic systems increase throughput in your mounting process while providing the reliable results you need for a consistent process.

Mounting Consumable Accessories

Simplify, improve, and customize your mounting process to fit your needs using our range of specimen support clips, filler and pigment additives, release agents, and mounting waxes. Buehler provides the solutions you need to get the best mount.

Ring Forms & Castable Molds

Mounting Accessories
Buehler offers a variety of hard and disposable mounting cups, open ring forms, and EPDM molds suitable for use with castable systems to help you optimize your mounting process. Available in round size ranges 1-2in and 25-50mm, as well as larger rectangular molds, we have the size you need for your process.

Release Agents and Powders

Release Agents and Powders
Release agents and powders help prevent mounts from sticking to the mold chamber or mounting cups during compression or castable mounting. Buehler offers different mold release agent products to meet your needs.

Support Clips, Additives, and Mixing Cups

Support Clips Additives and Mixing Cups

Explore our sample support clips, available for both hot and cold mounting processes, to keep your sample in the correct orientation. Also view our additives, like conductive filler and pigments, as well as our mounting wax for affixing samples to glass slides.

PetroBond Epoxy Mounting Apparatus

PetroBond - Thin Section Machine
Fixture that can accommodate mounting up to 8 samples at once to glass slides. Use this accessory to prepare a larger number of samples simultaneously for use on the PetroThin grinding thin section machine.
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