GP-HDT Sample Fixture

Sample Fixture

Transition seamlessly from polishing to hardness testing using the GP-HDT sample fixture on a Wilson hardness tester. This fixture, compatible with grinding and polishing central force specimen holders, enables a straightforward shift to hardness testing without the necessity of unloading and reloading individual samples.

Sample Fixture Benefits

Effortless Productivity
  • Streamline your process and eliminate steps for a more efficient, time-saving workflow in your testing procedure
  • Fixture offers three adjustable positions to accommodate any Buehler central-force specimen holder used in conjunction with EcoMet® and AutoMet® grinding and polishing equipment
  • Tailor-made for seamless integration with the cutting-edge VH3100/VH3300 and UH4000 series, ensuring optimal results for your automated operations

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Explore central force specimen holders compatible with the GP-HDT fixture
One, four, or six fold vises for round, mounted samples and equipped with magnetic stops for added ease of use with motorized XY stages
Designed to hold tapered pieces, wires, and mounted samples.
Single mount canister accommodating a selection of mount diameters with different top plates. Unload and load samples onto the stage with ease through its magnetic design.
Designed with a maximum opening of 45mm for small specimen hardness testing.


GP-HDT Sample Fixtrue
Part Number Description
886180 Fixture accepts central force specimen holders

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