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Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Microscope

Nikon MA100N

Inverted Microscope

Inverted Microscopes, known for being compact and durable, excel in high-magnification applications. They are particularly well-suited for analyzing mounted samples with flat surfaces, offering versatility through compatibility with multiple light sources for varied analysis techniques. The Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Microscope stands out as an affordable, flexible, compact, and designed for episcopic optical contrast techniques. This microscope is especially effective for metallurgical material inspection across various industrial applications.

This system offers:

  • Cost-effective solutions to manufacturing and QA/QC situations in industries, such as automotive/electronics and industrial machinery/tools
  • Durability with high contrast image observation and capture
Inverted/Compound Features Comparisons
MA100N MA200
Observation Methods BF Simple Polarizing BF, DF, DIC, & POL
Illuminators High-intensity white LED Halogen lamphouse with 50W bulb
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OmniMet® Imaging & Analysis Software

The OmniMet system integrates microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software via an intuitive interface. Easily view and analyze images from your microscope, or import them into OmniMet for precise analysis. With flexible functionality and analytical power, OmniMet meets diverse metrology needs for image data archiving and quantitative analysis.
OmniMet Modular Imaging System

Point-and-click Measurements

  • Make simple to complex measurements with intuitive menu options
  • Reduce steps with application specific Modules and Scripts
  • Comply to national standards with the click of a button

Automated Imaging Analysis

  • Create or run pre-programmed Scripts to eliminate repetitive steps
  • Improve quality control by following the same process each time
  • Export data to Word or Excel automatically

Flexible Modular System

  • Choose from a variety of Modules and Scripts to customize according to application
  • Choose level of automation with six different Editions
  • Upgrade functionality from one Edition to another at any time

Seamless Integration

  • Connect to a multitude of cameras, microscopes, and motorized stages
  • Calibrate captured images to equipment magnification
  • Purchase as a system for a turnkey solution


Nikon MA100N Ordering
Part Number Configuration Request a Quote
8743-03 Nikon MA100N inverted LED Microscope - with ISO camera port (0.63x camera adapter incl.), LED illuminator, 10x eyepieces, manual XY stage (50x50mm), 5 position turret, includes 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x TU Epi Plan objectives, dust cover. Request a Quote
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A compact and durable inverted microscope for high magnification needs. This research grade inverted microscope is ideal for flat, mounted samples.

Features high resolution and macro magnification of parts ideal for large specimen where a large frame of view is needed for sample analysis and multi-focal imaging.

Designed for large sample analysis and multi focal imaging with high resolution, a high zoom range of 0.75 – 13.5x, and macro magnification of parts.
A versatile upright microscope with LED illumination for bright-field microscopy applications, perfect for high magnification needs with samples that are not flat or mounted.
Microscope Accessories
*Polarizer Required
Polarizer/Analyzer set for MA100N
Includes 1in,1.125in, 1.5in stage inserts
Includes 25mm, 30mm, 40mm stage inserts
Camera Adapter, C-Mount, 1x, ISO
Stage Micrometer for Imaging and Analysis

Additional Accessories

Compatible with OmniMet software and Buehler Nikon offering
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Buehler Product Catalog

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