Wilson Rockwell Test Blocks

Wilson Rockwell Test Blocks

Wilson Rockwell hardness test blocks set the standard for the industry and are made from the highest quality material to insure the most uniform and repeatable Rockwell test blocks available. A comprehensive variety of scales and hardness test blocks are available to meet the wide ranges and hardness scales associated with Rockwell®, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers testing. All Wilson Rockwell hardness test blocks are calibrated in the Wilson Hardness Calibration Laboratory in Binghamton, NY. The Wilson lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA and the testers used in the calibration process undergo a stringent monitoring process using NIST traceable devices.

For the ultimate accuracy and performance in tester verification, calibration sets are available for most Rockwell scales.

100% inspection to ensure that every single Rockwell test block meets the physical requirements of ASTM (thickness, flatness, parallelism, surface roughness)

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