Blades for Precision Cutters

BLADES the give excellent cut quality

Diamond and CBN

Blades for Precision Cutters

Buehler offers diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) cutting blades, ranging from 3″ [76mm] to 8″ [203mm], when you need delicate and precise sectioning with superb surface quality. Buehler offers a wide range of blades for precision cutters various materials so you can be confident that your sample will get the best possible cut. To use your precision saw to cut non-delicate samples, we also offer compatible abrasive blades.

Precise and Clean Cut

Our precision blades save processing time by producing the cleanest surface on even the most delicate samples.

Choosing A Blade for Your Precision Cutter

Buehler offers two types of precision sectioning blades, the IsoMet® series uses diamond abrasive while the IsoCut® series uses CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) abrasive. This makes IsoMet blades ideal for a variety of applications while IsoCut blades excel at cutting ferrous materials.

To quickly cut non-delicate samples with your precision saw, choose from our selection of AcuThin® abrasive blades. When using abrasive blades with your precision saw, it is highly recommended to combine with our external recirculation system (11-2640).

Precision Sectioning Blades

Buehler’s wafering blades are precision tools that provide efficient long-lasting performance in your labs.

IsoMet ® Series

IsoMet Blade
Buehler’s IsoMet diamond wafering blades provide precise and accurate sectioning of samples, and the best quality cuts in your process.

These specially formulated diamond blades give accurate cuts without the mess or inconvenience of thicker conventional abrasive cut-off wheels.

IsoCut® Series

IsoCut Blade
Buehler’s IsoCut family of CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wafering blades are a great choice to section iron, cobalt, and nickel-based alloys and superalloys.

The IsoCut thin blades provide precise sectioning capability on difficult to cut samples and can significantly reduce sectioning time on ferrous materials compared to conventional diamond blades in the market.

AcuThin® Blades

Buehler No Image Available
Buehler’s AcuThin series thin blades are ideal when you need to quickly cut non-delicate samples with your precision saw.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I tell if my diamond wafering blade is worn out?

There are two ways to check if a diamond wafering blade is worn out.

  1. By eye examine the edge of the blade from the side.
  2. Examine the blade edge by viewing “edge on” through a stereoscope or a microscope.
CarbiMet starts with fast material removal due to sharp abrasive grains. As the particles become blunt during use, the speed of material removal slows and the potential for sample damage increases. The rate of degradation depends on sample hardness, size, material, applied load, and the grit size being used. To optimize the preparation process and sample quality, we recommend using coarse grit papers for up to 5 minutes, intermediate grits for 2-5 minutes, and very fine grits for 2 minutes or less.

Blade dressing should be performed at a low speed (100-200 rpm) and when cutting time increases 20-25% above initial cut time. Dress blades 2 times for subsequent dressings.

One or more dressing cuts may be required when cutting certain ductile metals and alloys to remove excess metal from the blade. Non-metals such as ceramics, glass and minerals rarely require dressing beyond the first one.

Buehler Cool 3 Fluid is recommended for most applications.
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