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Buehler offers complete hardness testing solutions with hardness testers, hardness test blocks, and Buehler designed hardness testing software. Our seamlessly integrated systems eliminate ambiguity in hardness testing through user-friendly interfaces and software, combined with test blocks that establish the benchmark for consistency and reproducibility.

Wilson® VH3300 Automatic Hardness Tester with Monitor

DiaMet® Hardness Testing Software

DiaMet prioritizes efficiency by focusing on fast and simple operations that satisfy the needs of new operators, while also maintaining the flexibility and high level of features required by experts.


DiaMet Monitor
Offering varying levels of automation, comprehensive DiaMet software is a user-friendly system providing automatic test and measurement indentations, programmed testing sequences, and report generation. Maximize your sample throughput while maintaining consistency and limiting operating complexity.

Vickers and Knoop Hardness Testers

The Wilson Vickers/Knoop series hardness testers, equipped with high-quality optical systems and options for DiaMet software, deliver versatile and user-friendly capabilities, ensuring precision for the most accurate measurements.

Wilson® VH3300 Hardness Tester

Wilson® VH3300 Automatic Hardness Tester
This Wilson VH3300 fully automated hardness tester provides an integrated system for your complete range of applications. Its fast, six position turret accommodates a three-indenter design with a configurable load range of 10gf to 50kgf of force and optional overview optics. Paired with DiaMet Software, the VH3300 is built to meet your application needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Wilson® VH3100 Hardness Tester

Wilson® VH3100 Vickers & Knoop Hardness Testers
Designed to provide a fully automated, dedicated, and lean hardness tester, the Wilson VH3100 is the workhorse of the VH3000 series. Featuring a load cell range of 0.05-10kgf and 3-position virtual turret, this system significantly reduces complexity by aligning its indenter, objectives, and overview camera at a fixed location. Configured with DiaMet software, maximize precision, and minimize your time with the VH3100 hardness tester.

Wilson® VH1102 - VH1202 Micro Hardness Testers

Wilson® VH1102 & 1202 Micro Hardness Testers

The Wilson VH1102 and VH1202 Vickers/Knoop series hardness testers offer reliable solutions for precise microhardness testing in both quality control and metallurgical research applications. Offering testing capabilities from 0.01-2kgf, the VH1102 features a four-position turret for single-scale testing, while the VH1202 offers more versatility with a six-position turret. Both units support measurements using the digital eyepiece or an optional integrated, high-resolution camera with DiaMet software.

Wilson® VH1150 Macro Hardness Tester

Wilson® VH1150 Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

Offering a unique load range of 300gf – 50kgf in a single machine, the Wilson VH1150 is the ultimate macro-Vickers hardness tester. Experience user-friendly operation with automatic load selection, replacing the manual knob with a durable motor. The motorized turret is seamlessly integrated into a fully automatic test cycle. Add an optional high-resolution camera for effortless hardness tests using DiaMet software.

Rockwell® Hardness Testers

Segment leading Wilson Rockwell hardness testers are renowned for their attention to quality and durability. The Rockwell 574 workhorse and versatile Rockwell RH2150 are ready for high volume efforts, from production floors to worldwide research facilities. These machines accommodate a vast number of testing applications through both regular and superficial scales and aligning with ASTM E18 and ISO 6508 standards. With a proven robust design, Buehler’s Wilson Rockwell series excels in delivering top-tier hardness testing solutions.

Wilson® Rockwell 574

Wilson Rockwell R574 Hardness Tester
The Wilson 574 Rockwell Hardness Tester is best-in-class for Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R). This deadweight, workhorse tester is available in Regular, or Regular and Superficial Twin Scale models with a load range from 3-150kgf. Notable features include a high-precision depth measurement system, auto preload brake, and an automated main load test cycle for accurate and repeatable testing. The user-friendly, built-in USB port facilitates rapid data transfer to Microsoft® Excel®, or other applications.

Wilson® Rockwell RH2150

Wilson Rockwell RH2150 Hardness Tester

Engineered for high-volume production labs and catering to global research facilities, the Wilson RH2150 hardness tester offers a wide range of testing scales (1 – 187.5 kgf). Offered in two sizes (10- and 14-inches vertical capacity), it features a protective sheet metal casing, load cell protection, auto-stop clamping device, and optional indenter extensions. Its user-friendly designs includes a built-in USB port for rapid data transfer or integration with DiaMet software, offering more advanced features.

Brinell Hardness Tester

Consider a Brinell hardness tester when testing aluminum, copper alloys, steels, or cast irons with large parts like engine castings and large-diameter piping. It’s ideal for scenarios where high loads are necessary, and local variations or surface conditions affect accuracy.

Wilson® BH3000 Brinell Hardness Tester

Wilson® BH3000 Brinell Hardness Tester

The Wilson BH3000 Brinell Hardness Tester, with a robust 3000 kgf capacity, covers a wide range of loads from 62.5 kgf to 3000 kgf. Engineered for durability in harsh environments, it features rugged construction, heavy-duty clamping, and protection. The closed-loop system ensures quick and precise test results, while integrated hardness calculations and conversions enhance ease of use. With a flexible load range, easy set-up, and deep reading microscope option, the BH3000 provides versatility and ease of use in any lab.

Universal Hardness Tester

Built for complete versatility, Wilson Universal Hardness testers provide an innovative option for both production floors and high-volume labs. Controlled through DiaMet software, enhance machine flexibility with the ability to accommodate Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell indenters.

Wilson® UH4000 Universal Hardness Tester

Wilson UH4000 Universal Hardness Tester
The completely customizable Wilson UH4000 series offers wide-ranging flexibility to high-volume environments. Controlled by DiaMet software, both the UH4250 and UH4750 models focus on fast and simple operation while maintaining the complexity of features required by expert users. Features include an optional clamping tool for stability, an 8-position turret, laser for precise targeting, and ring light for accurate Brinell measurements. The steel casting ensures durability, reducing service costs and increasing up-time in production environments.

Hardness Test Blocks

Wilson sets the industry standard for hardness test blocks-crafted from top-quality materials for unmatched uniformity and repeatability. Our wide range includes scales for Rockwell®, Brinell, Knoop, and Vickers testing, all calibrated in our accredited ISO-IEC 17025 lab in Binghamton, NY. Calibration sets are available for most Rockwell scales, ensuring ultimate accuracy and performance. We collaborate directly with mills to specify chemical composition, and perform all machining processes in-house, guaranteeing 100% inspection for ASTM compliance in thickness, flatness, parallelism, and surface roughness.

Wilson® Vickers Knoop Hardness Test Blocks

Wilson Vickers and Knoop Test blocks

Available in a range of HV and HK scales in accordance with ASTM E92, ISO 6507-3 (Vickers), JIS B 7737 (Vickers), ISO 4545-3 (Knoop), and JIS B 7734 (Knoop).

Wilson® Rockwell Hardness Test Blocks

Wilson Rockwell Test Blocks
Available in a full range of regular and superficial scales in accordance with ASTM E18, ISO 6508-3, and JIS B 7730. Rockwell calibration sets also available.

Wilson® Brinell Hardness Test Blocks

Wilson Brinell Test Blocks
Blocks available up to 250kgf load are in accordance with ASTM E10, ISO 6508-3, and JIS B 7736.

Accessories for Hardness Testers

Explore various required and optional accessories for hardness testing.

Sample Holders and Anvils

900001371 anvil for ball testing
Correct Support will ensure the specimen remains stationary during testing. Review our wide range of sample holders to find what’s right for you.


Browse our selection of ISO & ASTM certified indenters

GP-HDT Sample Fixture

GP-HDT Sample Fixture
Learn more about our GP-HDT fixture and move directly from grinding and polishing to hardness testing without the need to unload and reload samples.

Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories
Enhance your machine with accessories that meet your tailored application.

Hardness Testing Fundamentals


By smoothly applying a load with a diamond indenter, Vickers hardness tests produces a square-based pyramid, and its hardness (HV) is calculated based on load and diagonal measurements. The Vickers hardness test spans two force ranges, “micro” (10 – 1000g) and “Macro” (1 – 100kg) Vickers, offering continuous values. Micro-Vickers testing is crucial for fine-scale hardness analysis, used in diverse applications, including evaluating surface treatments.


Similar to Vickers hardness testing, Knoop uses a diamond indenter. However, instead of square indents, Knoop indenters are rhombohedral-shaped, creating an elongated indent, with the longer diagonal seven times the shorter. Unlike Vickers, only the long diagonal is measured, saving time. Knoop indents can be placed closer together, advantageous for testing thin layers. However, HK varies with load, and conversions to other scales are reliable only at the standard load (500gf).


The Rockwell hardness test measures depth to which an indenter is forced under varying loads, employing Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell types. Indenters, diamond cone or tungsten carbide ball, vary based on material characteristics. Though perceived as a quick and easy hardness test, ensuring correct machine and specimen condition is crucial for consistent, accurate results.


Brinell hardness testing is widely used for large parts like engine castings and piping, where high loads and large indents offer precise hardness determination. The method’s versatility is constrained by the indenter ball’s deformation with harder materials, and the importance of load and ball diameter ratios for accurate results.

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