Specialty Grinding and Polishing

Specialty Solutions

Specialty Grinding and Polishing

Some applications can benefit from a specialty product or solution. A variety of diamond lapping films, abrasive discs and powders are here to meet your application specific needs.

Coarse Polishing

Coarse polishing is the first polishing step after grinding and is typically done using diamond abrasive.

UltraPrep® Diamond Lapping Films

UltraPrep Lapping Films

UltraPrep diamond lapping films are designed for applications where surface flatness and minimal deformation is critical. These lapping films are available in a wide range of sizes from 0.1µm to 30µm. Applications include microelectronic devices, wafers, ceramics, optical fibers, petrographic, and more.

FibrMet® Abrasive Discs

FibrMet Discs Specialty Grinding and Polishing
FibrMet abrasive discs are coated with an aluminum oxide abrasive. These discs can be used wet or dry and are ideal for fine grindinging and polishing applications, such as optical fiber and microelectronics where surface flatness is essential. These abrasive discs are available in a wide range of sizes from 0.3µm to 12µm.

Abrasive® Powders

Abrasive Powders

Abrasive powders are for fine grinding of cast iron and tin materials. Mixing is required with distilled water to achieve desired consistency.

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