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Non-ferrous Aerospace Alloys

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 @ 12:00pm CST

Aerospace materials have typically been developed to maximize performance with minimal mass and maximum reliability.

The broad range of properties and unique characteristics of different materials can cause difficulties during preparation and analysis.

This webinar will review typical preparation methods, common problems, etching and microstructure for the most common non-ferrous Aerospace alloys, including titanium, aluminum and nickel alloys.

We will cover:

  • Examples of good metallography
  • Highlight common problems preparation and analysis
  • Potential consequences of poor preparation
  • Best practice recommendations and recipes
  • Vibratory polishing and color etching
  • Demonstrate microstructures and how to best reveal them by etching
  • Discuss key techniques to ensure success

Archivierte Webinare

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Originally Recorded on: January 24, 2024
Archaeometallurgy can teach us a lot about the actions, knowledge, skills and beliefs of our ancestors. Metals can help tell the story of thousands of years of human development. This webinar takes snapshots of items stretching over nearly 4000 years, and discusses the metallurgical principles behind their creation, as well as the practical matter of how to prepare and etch the samples.

This webinar will cover:
  • Description of the object, where and when they are understood to have originated.
  • Preparation and etching details.
  • Discussion of the microstructure and what it can tell us about the manufacturing.
Fundamentals of Heat Treatment
Originally Recorded on: December 13, 2023
This webinar will discuss the fundamentals of heat treatment, and relate various heat treatment processes to microstructure and properties.
  • Common heat treatment processes
  • Typical structures and properties of heat treated materials
  • Equilibrium phase diagrams
  • Continuous cooling transformation (CCT)
  • Phase transformations
  • Etching to reveal microstructure
Metallography Microstructure and Hardness Testing of Brittle Materials
Originally Recorded on: November 8, 2023
Metallography of brittle materials is a critical tool for materials scientists and to gain insights into their microstructure. Proper sample preparation is key to understanding the microstructure for various applications, including material selection, quality control, and failure analysis. Brittle materials are those that break or fracture without significant plastic deformation when subjected to stress. Their properties present a unique set of metallographic preparation compared to ductile materials.

The webinar will focus on examples of brittle materials, best practice recommendations for preparation and key recommendations for hardness testing:
  • Discussion on the predominant mechanism for material removal in brittle materials
  • General Preparation Principles
  • Requirements for good sample preparation
  • Examples of good metallography
  • Common preparation problems and how to remedy them
  • Potential consequences of poor sample preparation
  • Recommendations for materials groups
    • Hard, Tougher ceramics (i.e. B4C, AlN, Sialon 101, etc.)
    • Hard ceramics (i.e. SiC, Alumina, etc.)
    • Semiconductors/Electronics
    • Brittle coatings
    • Brittle Fiber Composite (Carbon, Glass, Boron)
    • Glass/Lens
    • Minerals
  • Discussion on hardness testing
Optimize your Sectioning Step
Originally Recorded on: September 13, 2023
This webinar will focus on the Sectioning/Cutting step of material preparation for analysis: the goals of this step, our recommendations for how to avoid the potential pitfalls, and some of the solutions that Buehler offers to ensure good results and improve your process.
  • Define the goal of this step and what “good“ means for sample quality
  • Discuss the common causes of “bad“ quality, the impact that these issues will create, and our recommendations for improvement
  • Drill down into the important aspects of cutting that impact your process and team, like cutting time, cleanability, and ease of use
  • Explore the different types of cutting machines available and how to choose the one best for your needs
  • Get an in-depth look at Buehler’s NEW cutting edge, Automatic Sectioning machine, the AbrasiMet L Pro
  • Discuss the importance of choosing the right blades, vising/chucks, and coolant
Metallography, Microstructure and Hardness Testing of Surface Heat Treated Steels
Originally Recorded on: August 9, 2023
Heat treated materials present unique metallographic preparation challenges during section, grinding and polishing. Selecting the best etchant to reveal microstructure can also be problematic. This webinar will cover core principles or preparation, etching and hardness testing for surface heat treated materials.

The webinar will focus on examples of surface heat treatment of steel, best practice recomendations for preparation and key recommendations for hardness testing:
  • Highlight the preparation challenges and approaches that should be adopted to achieve good quality, efficient sample preparation
  • Review the selection of different etchants, and the structures that they reveal
  • Provide examples of desirable and non-desirable microstructures
  • Review common approaches for hardness testing
  • Highlight common problems in processing and analysis
  • Discuss key techniques to ensure success
Solidification of Metals
Originally Recorded on: July 12, 2023
An understanding of solidification processes and structures is core to the understanding of many materials, and an excellent starting point for an understanding of heat treatment (not covered in this webinar). The examples given in this webinar will demonstrate the amazing potential of good metallography.

This webinar will cover core principles in the solidication of metal alloys, illustrated by images of microstructure:
  • Basic principles of solidification.
  • Factors effecting microstructure/
  • Solidification structures for a range of metals.
  • Macrostructure and etching.
  • Microstructure and etching.
  • Comparison of etching techniques.
  • Highlight common problems.
  • Discuss key techniques to ensure success.
  • Includes a live Questions and Answers session.

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