Mount and Mold Release Agents and Powders

Make your Mounting Process Easier and More Efficient

Release Agents and Powders

Release agents and powders help prevent mounts from sticking to the mold chamber or mounting cups during compression or castable mounting. Buehler offers different mold release agent products to meet your needs.
Easy Mount Removal
Use our release agents with your mounting presses and mounting cups to help remove cured mounts.
Easy Application
Available in powder and liquid forms for quick and easy application to mounting cups or chambers in mounting presses.

Release Agents and Powders

Release Agent

Release Agent
Most commonly used liquid release agent for easier removal of mounts from castable molds or compression mounting presses.

Mold Release Spray

Mold Release Spray
Less hazardous spray release agent for use on castable mounting molds.

Mold Release Powder

Mold Release Powder
Powder release agent for use on mounting presses.
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