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The most important step in the process, Grinding and Polishing is a specialty at Buehler. Choose between our various grinding and polishing equipment for the application right for your sample. Combined with the right polishing suspensions and fluids, Buehler will create the best possible surface finish for your analysis.

AutoMet 300 with cloths

Semi-Automatic Grinder Polishers

Process multiple samples automatically to increase throughput while freeing up users for other tasks. Automatic processing also ensures good and consistent sample quality cycle to cycle.
EcoMet® 30 Semi-Automatic Grinder Polisher

EcoMet® 30

Ideal for low-medium volume, this machine features a programmable, user-friendly touchscreen that ensures good quality and repeatability. It is offered in single or dual platen versions for multi-user use and can integrate up to 3 Burst dispensing modules for task automation, freeing users for other priorities.
AutoMet® 250 Grinder-Polisher

AutoMet® 250

Designed for medium to high volume environments, this machine is highly reliable and comes with a membrane control panel. Its 10″ [254mm] platen is ideal for samples up to 1.5″ [38mm] in diameter and is compatible with up to 5 burst modules for automating individual polishing steps.

AutoMet® 250 Pro Grinder-Polisher

AutoMet® 250 Pro

Designed for medium to high volume environments, this advanced machine features an easy to use touchscreen interface. Program every step of the process to achieve unparalleled surface quality and consistency. Its 10″” [254mm] platen is ideal for samples up to 1.5″ [38mm] in diameter and is compatible with up to 5 burst modules for automating individual polishing steps.

AutoMet 300 Pro Grinder Polisher

AutoMet® 300 Pro

This top of the line machine adds size and throughput in its 12″ [305mm] platen making it ideal for high volume environments and larger sample sizes. Along with its programmable touchscreen and ability to add Burst dispensing modules to automate polishing steps, this machine has unique features like depth grinding to further ensure accuracy.

Manual Grinder Polishers

Quickly process single samples with highly reliable and easy to use manual machines.

EcoMet® 30 Manual Grinder-Polisher

EcoMet® 30

The standard for reliability, the EcoMet 30 Manual can fit up to a 12″ [305mm] platen for larger samples and is offered in single or dual platen versions for multi-user use. Built for the most demanding environments, trust this machine to be the solution you need.

Specialty Grinding and Polishing Machines

When a typical grinder polisher can’t give you the flatness or surface finish you require or if you have extremely limited space or work in hot cells, our specialty solutions are the answer you need.

VibroMet® 2 Vibratory Polisher

VibroMet® 2

Equipped with unique motor technology, the VibroMet 2 achieves the highest degree of surface quality possible for a mechanical polisher. Prepare samples for high magnification and SEM analysis by removing even the smallest imperfections. Choose the experts at Buehler, who created this technology.
MiniMet® 1000 Grinder Polisher

MiniMet® 1000

This single sample, compact solution, semi-automatic grinder polisher is ideal for delicate samples, users with limited space, and for work in a hot cell. It is extremely easy to use, highly reliable, and gives a great surface quality.

Grinding and Polishing Consumables

Buehler’s premium Grinding & Polishing Consumables deliver repeatable, high quality sample preparation in the fastest time. To achieve the most accurate analysis, finish your preparation strong with our industry leading products.

Grinding Consumables

Buehler grinding consumables offer high material removal rate and minimal surface damage during the grinding process, saving valuable time in your sample preparation process.
CarbiMet Abrasive Discs
Silicon Carbide Grinding Papers
For fast, single-use grinding solutions, Buehler’s CarbiMet® & MicroCut® silicon carbide grinding papers are available in 8-12″ [254-356mm] sizes with 3 backing options for your preferred application. These papers provide efficient material removal and minimal surface damage to meet any metallographic testing need while being easy to apply with no curling.
DGD Color
Diamond Grinding Discs
For fast, multi-use grinding solutions, Buehler’s range of diamond grinding discs are available in 8-12″ [254-356mm] sizes with either PSA or magnetic backing for your preferred application. The combination of extended lifetime, consistency and reduced waste makes Buehler’s diamond grinding discs the preferred choice for your process.

Polishing Consumables

Buehler’s premium performance polishing products are designed to give you a superior surface finish. Combine our polishing cloths with our industry leading MetaDi® Supreme or explore our specialty products for a complete solution. Experience the difference with Buehler.
MetaDi Diamond Suspensions and Paste
Diamond Suspensions & Pastes
For superior polishing suspensions and pastes, Buehler offers MetaDi® solutions in both mono and polycrystalline diamond particle ranging from 45 down to 0.05 microns. Our diamond products ensure the best quality surface finish and consistency for your process. Also look for our extender and diamond/extender combo products.
Polishing Cloths
Premium Polishing Cloths
Buehler’s large selection of premium performance cloths offer a variety of fabrics, weaves and naps for you to find the right cloth to achieve superior surface finish and reliable preparation results in the most efficient time, and are available in 8″ to 12″ [254-356mm] sizes. Pair your cloth with MetaDi® Supreme for a complete solution.
Final Polishing Suspension
Final Polishing Suspensions & Powders
When your analysis require an excellent surface finish, Buehler’s alumina and colloidal silica suspensions and powders are available in various particle sizes as small a 0.02 microns. See the difference as these products remove the final layer of deformation that is often invisible to the naked eye.
FibrMet Discs Specialty Grinding and Polishing
Specialty Grinding & Polishing

Ideal for delicate applications such as optical fibers, microelectronics, petrographic samples, and more, Buehler’s UltraPrep® diamond lapping films and FibrMet® abrasive discs feature polishing particles ranging from 30 down to 0.1 microns. Achieve exceptional flatness with minimal deformation to meet the needs your process demands.

Grinding and Polishing Accessories

Explore the various required and optional accessories for this important final step in the preparation process.
Specimen Holder Round Sample holder

Specimen Holders

Find the sample holder with the right combination of capacity, sample size, and cutout shape. Buehler offers both central and single force sample holders to support all grinding and polishing methods/processes.
Aluminum Platen Systems

Platen Systems

Learn about the differences between standard, Apex S, and Magnetic platen systems to find the system that meets your needs for speed and ease of use.
AutoMet® 250 Pro Grinder-Polisher

Burst Dispensing System

The Burst system automatically adds polishing fluid to the platen so users can focus on other tasks. In addition, this also improves consistency and reduces fluid use.
EnvironMet® Recirculating Filter System

EnvironMet Recirculating Filter system

The EnvironMet comes in either a filtering option to prevent debris from entering the facility drains or a recirculating filter option to filter and reduce water usage.
605090 PC Met Kit

PC/PWB-Met Solutions for Electronics

Buehler’s answer for processing large volumes of electronic PCB coupons simultaneously. Target through holes with the highest degree of accuracy and process up to 36 at a time to take throughput to a new level.
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