CHD testing with DiaMet

Focus on the task - improve efficiency

Hardness testing is commonly used in the field of process control of heat treatment and to evaluate surface hardness and case-hardened depths of surface engineered materials.

Hardness case evaluations can be highly automated, which can represent enormous savings in terms of time and efficiency. These systems can incorporate automated XY stages, automatic indentation cycles, illumination, measurement and reporting.

Over the last years and decades, Buehler engineers developed and supported software processes that ensure maximum output of customer testing data with minimum efforts. Understanding the customer pain points and providing the solution is the outcome of an intimate relationship between operator and manufacturer of testing equipment.

Focus on the task - improve efficiencyTaking the case-hardened depth (CHD) analysis as an example, the key to success is result generation in shortest possible time. The CHD test itself seems to be easy to perform. New imaging solutions such as scanning, and edge detection of the sample simplifies the placement of pre-programmed indent patterns across the sample.

But what if the sample exhibits inhomogeneity and indents cannot be placed as programmed in the pattern?

Many material engineers are facing these challenges in daily operations and would need to refine the test pattern manually.

Buehlers DiaMet™ software simplifies this task enormously and helps the operator to easily replace and refine the test patterns upon sample conditions – before the test!

Special functions such as moving indents parallel to the edge of the sample, inserting or removing indents to an existing indent row, keeping the same distance between indent to indent or create a new distance to the core of the sample, allow full flexibility and avoid complexity for the test cycle.

We develop operator centric solutions, because we know about the challenges our customer face in operations.

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