Buehler Part of History – 50 Year Anniversary of the Lunar Landing

Buehler equipment served a key role in the analysis of the first lunar rocks.

“When the samples were brought back from the mission, they were brought to the NASA petrography laboratory in Houston, TX for analysis. NASA scientists did the analysis there in conjunction with Buehler using Buehler products and input from two Buehler geology experts, Jerry Woodbury and Wase Ahmed. This article demonstrates the high-quality results obtained, the equipment capability and personnel expertise the customer can expect when choosing Buehler.”

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Tim Weber

Buehler Senior Metallurgical Engineer

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  1. Jerry and Wase were really the pioneers of petrography for Buehler, responsible for developing that aspect of the business and making this possible. What is often forgotten is their work resulted in Buehler products, such as proprietary oxide and diamond suspension formulations, that found widespread use for preparation and analysis of materials outside petrography. These materials include metal alloys, ceramics, composites and polymers in markets as diverse as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and Medical Devices. Jerry and Wase were in a sense a combination of geologist and chemist. Many of the products they were instrumental in developing are still differentiating products on the market today.

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