PC Met® and PWB Met® Electronic Solutions

PCB-Met and PWB Met

For Grinding and Polishing Machines

Beyond the conventional sample holder options, the PC Met and PWB Met cater specifically to the electronics sector as high-volume solutions. Compatible with the Automet 300 and EcoMet 30, these specialized systems empower users to grind and polish multiple samples automatically using central force mode. This proves exceptionally beneficial for batch processing, as the sample loading accessories of these systems ensure uniformity across all samples. With a focus on user-friendliness and ease of learning, our dedicated electronics solutions not only expedite processing but also enhance overall efficiency, allowing you to significantly reduce processing time.

PC-Met Precision Wiring Board Accessory

  • High volume, printed wiring board preparation system for use with AutoMet 300 and a 12″” [305mm] platen
  • Simultaneously prepare up to 36 coupons for significantly faster batch processing
  • Prepares reproducible cross-sections of through-holes down to 0.008″ [0.2mm]

PWB-Met Small Hole Accessory

  • Highest precision, printed wiring board preparation system for use with EcoMet 30 and AutoMet 300 and a 12″ [305mm] platen
  • Simultaneously prepare up to 18 coupons
  • Attain reproducible cross-sections of through-holes down to 0.004″ [0.1mm]
Each system is equipped with all necessary accessories to properly process your samples. For fast processing, we highly recommend our SamplKwick, among other acrylic solutions, for rapid curing. For those in need of a higher quaility cure and willing to accept a longer curing time, choose our epoxy solutions. For description and ordering information on these accessories and consumables, refer to the ordering table provided below.


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For Grinding and Polishing Machines

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Green Practices in Metallography
Green Practices in Metallography Webinar

Sustainability is important to Buehler and its employees. We continue to challenge ourselves to reduce our environmental impact adding new programs each year and planning for continuous improvement. Our comprehensive recycling program prevents 70,000 lbs. of carboard, plastic, paper, and metals from going to our landfills. Our electricity is 100% zero emission powered by solar (33%), hydroelectric (33%), and wind (34%).

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Protect your Investment

Protect your investment with Buehler’s Service Plans. Keep your lab up and running with access to wear part kits and your machine being services by one of our highly trained Service Technicians.

Properly maintaining your equipment will ensure consistent performance , minimize downtime and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs.

Optimize Your Sectioning
Optimize Your Sectioning Webinar

This webinar will focus on the Sectioning/Cutting step of material preparation for analysis: the goals of this step, our recommendations for how to avoid the potential pitfalls, and some of the solutions that Buehler offers to ensure good results and improve your process.

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