Dr. Mike Keeble Named President of the International Metallographic Society

LAKE BLUFF, ILL. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 12, 2021: Dr. Mike Keeble, Buehler US Laboratory & Technology Manager has been named President of the International Metallographic Society (IMS) at the International Materials Applications and Technologies Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, September 2021. Since, 1993, the IMS is an Affiliate Society of ASM International. He will represent the IMS at ASM International annual meetings and other industry events.

Dr. Mike Keeble a Lifetime of Commitment to Materials Research
Dr. Keeble has been serving as Buehler’s US Laboratories and Technology Manager since 2015. Prior to that Dr. Keeble was based in the United Kingdom where he held the position of Buehler’s Laboratory and Technology Manager for 11 years. Dr. Keeble graduated from the University of Wales, Swansea with an Honors degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He gained his Master’s degree in creep properties of steels and his PhD in mechanical testing and FE modeling of partially molten aluminum alloys.

Prior to joining Buehler, Mike worked as a Research Scientist in the Advanced Metallics division of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, now QinetiQ. His work ranged from fatigue, damage tolerance, and failure analysis of aerospace materials to the development of novel manufacturing processes in powder metallurgy. He has also served as an Honorary Lecturer at Birmingham University and Visiting Academic within Warwick University. He is an active member of ASM International as well as standards organizations such as ASTM in metallography and hardness testing and is currently the chair of the ASTM sub-committee on Metallography.

Dr. Keeble noted, “When I moved to the USA in December 2015, I was impressed by the dedication, knowledge and professionalism of the IMS community, and became a Director right away to support the good work already in progress, and to help drive this world-class Society forwards with the incredibly rapid technological developments we continue to see. I also was impressed with how Buehler’s founders and management have been leaders in both the formation and maintenance of ASM and the IMS for more than 75 years. As President, I will continue to work hard to advance the mission of the IMS organization.”

Dr. Keeble Leads Buehler’s ASM – IMS Partnership
The IMS society was created in 1967 after it was recognized that the sharing and rigorous examination of proper metallographic techniques was vital to the effective development of advanced materials. The objective of the IMS is to advance the art and science of metallography and materials characterization by disseminating information via technical meetings, journals, and education courses. Buehler has a long relationship with the IMS, as well as ASM International, and the company works together to promote best practice, and to provide training and information to the Materials Science community. Buehler is a partner to ASM International, having supported the laboratory at the ASM World Training Center in Novelty, Ohio. Buehler have also sponsored the Grand Prize of the International Metallographic Contest – the Pierre Jacquet / Francis F. Lucas Award – since 1976.
For more information on Buehler visit www.buehler.com.
For information on IMS or ASM International visit www.asminternational.org.

Buehler, a global industrial manufacturer of value-added materials sample preparation consumables, metallographic and hardness testing equipment. The company is celebrating 85 years and is proud of its participation in the industrial revolution with the early automotive and aviation manufacturers. Buehler, is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is based in Lake Bluff, Illinois and has worldwide sales distribution in over 100 countries with 45 Buehler Solutions Centers. In 2006, Buehler was acquired by ITW, an industrial conglomerate and joined its Test and Measurement group.

Buehler maintains an extensive network of laboratory, sales, distributors and service teams that are available to meet with customers worldwide. For additional information on the Buehler product offering visit www.buehler.com or contact Buehler at marketing@buehler.com.

ITW is a global, Fortune 200 company with 51,000 employees across 56 countries. In 2006, Buehler was acquired by ITW, a developer and processor of engineered components, industrial systems and consumables. For additional information on ITW please visit www.itw.com.

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