Basic Metallurgy & Metallography of Light Metals

2 Day Training Course
April 11-12, 2023

Buehler Partner Center @ Advanced Casting Research Center

This two day course combines elements of metallurgy and metallography for light metals focusing on magnesium, aluminum, and titanium alloys. Experts from both Buehler and University of California, Irvine will cover the fundamental metallurgy of light metals, processing techniques, along with specific considerations for preparing and etching.

The key topis of the lecture include:

  • Current Trends in Light Weighting of Structural Materials
  • The linkage of Processing Structure Properties
  • Powder Metallurgy vs Conventional Processing
  • Additive Manutacturing Overview
  • Applications to Light Metals
  • Applications of Metamaterials
  • Best Practice in Sectioning, Mounting Grinding & Polishing
  • Metallographic Preparation Examples
  • Etching and Microscopy
Dr. Mike Keeble
Dr. Mike Keeble

Mike is the Buehler America's Technologies and Laboratories Manager. He has been providing consultative and technical support on all aspects of materials preparation, testing and analysis with Buehler for more than 17 years.

Dian Apelian Scrap Yard
Prof. Diran Apelian

Diran is a Distinguished Professor, and Director of Advanced Casting Research Center at UCI. He is widely recognized for his innovative research in metal processing and commercialization of industrial technologies.

Dr. Ben MacDonald
Dr. Ben MacDonald
Dr. Carl Söderhjelm
Dr. Carl Söderhjelm
Mr. Brandon Fields
Mr. Brandon Fields
Lorenzo Valdevit
Prof. Lorenzo Valdevit
Buehler/UCI Training Agenda
This is a list of the topics that will be covered during the 2 day training course. Click the to learn more about the topic that will be covered.
April 11, 2023
Day 1

Introduction to Metallography

Facility Tour I

Best Practices in Sectioning and Mounting

Metallography Lab – Demonstration

Grinding and Polishing Fundamentals

Metallography Surgery Open Lab Session

April 12, 2023
Day 2

Facility tour II

Metallographic Preparation Examples

Metallography Lab – Demonstration

Microscopy, etching and structure

Final Remarks, Q&A

Metallography Surgery Open Lab Session

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