Consumables for Material Preparation Testing and Analysis

Buehler offers a full range of metallographic consumable products for the full material preparation and analysis process. Buehler’s selection of cutting blades, mounting compounds, grinding surfaces, polishing suspensions and hardness reference blocks allow labs to optimize their process for their needs. Buehler solutions also allow labs to save time, improve consistency, reduce waste, maximize usage lifetime and minimize health hazard exposure for users. Find the metallographic supplies you need for your lab by clicking on the category sections below.

Blades for Abrasive Cutters

Sectioning Consumables

A full range of metallographic consumable products for material preparation and analysis including abrasive and precision saws, blades, and vices for cutting any material.

Compression Mounting Compounds

Mounting Consumables

A full range of metallographic consumable products for material preparation and analysis including epoxy, acrylic and compression mounting compounds for any material.

Consumables for Metallographic Testing and Analysis

Grinding & Polishing Consumables

The choice of Grinding and Polishing consumables is a key factor that impacts the preparation process. Buehler's consumables are designed to improve efficiency and ensure repeatability within the process.

OmniMet Software for Image and Analysis

OmniMet Software

OmniMet™ delivers powerful image analysis possibilities combined with flexible database functionality. The OmniMet system offers seamless point-to-click integration of microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software via an intuitive Microsoft® Windows® interface.

Wilson Rockwell Test Blocks

Hardness Testing Test Blocks

A full range of metallographic consumable products for material preparation and analysis including Wilson Rockwell, Wilson Brinell and Wilson Vickers Knoop Test Blocks and Rockwell Calibration Kits for all your hardness testing needs.

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Applications of Metamaterials

With Prof. Lorenzo Valdevit

An overview of the definitions and classes of metamaterials will be provided with a specific emphasis to the applications as lightweight structural materials. The various features of structural metamaterials will be discussed as well as the role of metal additive manufacturing in enabling the scale of these materials. Future pathways to the implementation of these unique materials will be presented.

Applications of Light Metals

With Dr. Carl Söderhjelm

The lecture will first review the prototypical structures and identifying properties of various industrially relevant light metals. Then, several case studies will be presented to demonstrate the novel use of these materials in light weighting across different fields. The lecture will conclude with emerging materials and tools to design them.

Additive Manufacturing Overview

With Mr. Brandon Fields

The field of metal additive manufacturing will be discussed with a highlight to the variety of technologies currently in use and identify the industry leading techniques. The core principals of each will be presented along with comparisons and use cases for each.

Powder Metallurgy Versus Conventional Processing

With Prof. Diran Apelian or Dr. Ben MacDonald

Powder metallurgy as a class of processing technologies will be covered with an emphasis to the key differentiations with conventional processing. The implication of critical solidification parameters including cooling rate will be reviewed as they affect the refinement of microstructures and the presence of metastable structures. Traditional consolidation approaches to creating bulk parts will be discussed as well as the use of metal powder as a feedstock to additive manufacturing.

The Linkage of Processing Structure Properties

With Dr. Ben MacDonald

This lecture will serve to established and review the core metallurgical principles that are essential to understanding materials as a system. With an overview of the hierarchical structural features of metals, fundamentals of solidification, wrought processing, and heat treatment, the interconnected relationships of processing, structure, and properties will be established.

Current Trends in Light Weighting of Structural Materials

With Prof. Diran Apelian

This lecture will serve as a motivation for the course with emphasis on current trends in light weighting of structural materials. Global context to the need for light weighting will be provided as it is critical to a variety of fields from aerospace to the electrification of transportation. Paths forward will be proposed, specifically the unique potential of metal additive manufacturing to accomplishing these goals. This lecture will conclude by introducing the structure of the lectures that will be presented in the course.