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Government and Defense Industry Solutions

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Defense firms are innovating every day to reach the highest levels of performance, producing state-of-the-art systems that deliver results in the field. With years of experience working with the latest materials and insight, Buehler is the trusted partner for mission critical systems in the defense sector. We’ve worked with trades to create inspection processes that yield consistent and repeatable results. Discover techniques for ensuring quality during research and development, and validation excellance during the manufacturing process.

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Enhance your analyses, streamline your process, and maintain the highest brand standards for your components and materials with our free to download technical articles.
Missiles and Space
Missiles and Space

Explore aerospace insights for missiles, space exploration, and materials analysis. Master consistency through expert techniques from hardness testing to EBSD.

Military Aircraft
Military Aircraft

Master metallography for military aircraft excellence, optimizing Ti, Al, Mg, thermal coatings, and more. Elevate knowledge and innovation in national defense.

Satellites and Electronics
Satellites and Electronics

Learn about satellite and electronic fundamentals through articles on precision, component preparation, materials analysis, expanding your knowledge in this ever evolving field.


Deep dive into oceanography and government research articles, exploring sample preparation, analysis, and the vital otolith field for marine insights.

Ground Defense
Ground Defense

Strengthen your sample preparation techniques for the defense sector through articles focusing on ferrous materials and consumable selection.

Government Research
Government Research and Continued Learning

Bolster fundamentals from essential processes to more advanced techniques, optimizing excellence. Bonus article celebrates Buehler’s role in the historic lunar landing.

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Your process is our priority. Buehler experts have created enhanced methods for a variety of commonly used materials. Search by a variety of sample types for your exact needs or contact our lab team for an expert process review.

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Buehler's commitment to the defense industry is evident in its partnership with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), which serves as a featured Buehler Customer Center. Buehler is on the technical advisory council and is also an affiliate CCAM member, committing testing equipment and research instruments to the CCAM facilities.

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Government and Defense Applications

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Missiles and Space
Missiles and Space

Advancements in Aerospace. Discover insights fueling missiles and space exploration. Explore metallographic sample preparation for thermally sprayed coatings, and for materials like Magnesium, Titanium, and their alloys. In the aerospace industry, consistency in sample preparation and analysis is vital. Learn from our experts and achieve dependable results through techniques such as hardness testing mapping and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Read further for a bonus article celebrating the anniversary of the lunar landing and Buehler’s involvement.

Military Aircraft
Military Aircraft

Elevating Military Excellence. Master metallographic sample preparation techniques that contribute to enhancing the reliability and performance of military aircrafts, bolstering their crucial role in national defense and aerospace advancement. Learn from our experts. Read articles and optimize processing for Titanium, Aluminum, Magnesium, thermal spray coatings, and more. Enhance your knowledge further with best practices in analysis to reach your highest potential for peak innovation.

Satellites and Electronics
Satellites and Electronics

Fostering Advancements: Explore a collection of articles dedicated to satellite technology and electronics. Explore cutting-edge insights into component preparation, consumable selection, metallographic materials analysis, and more. Learn how meticulous sample preparation enhances the reliability of electronic devices and satellite components. Elevate your knowledge in this critical sector, where precision is paramount for the advancement of satellite technology and electronics in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Navigating Oceanography Research: Dive into a series of articles at the intersection of oceanography and government research. Explore sample preparation best practices and in-depth analysis techniques crucial for advancing our understanding of marine environments. Immerse yourself in otolith analysis and expand your knowledge in this vital field, where meticulous preparation and analysis are essential for informed decision-making in oceanographic and government research initiatives.

Ground Defense
Ground Defense

Strengthening Defense: Learn from articles spotlighting foundational sample preparation skills essential for ground defense technologies. Explore the intricacies of ferrous material preparation, isothermally-transformed steel, and understand the science behind consumable selection. Buehler empowers your expertise in this crucial sector, where precision and innovation ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge needed for defense excellence.

Government Research
Government Research and Continued Learning
Forming Foundations: Explore articles that contribute to your fundamental metallographic sample preparation and analysis knowledge. Learn the essentials, from hot cell prep to biomedical sample processing, EBSD, hardness testing, and imaging analysis. Read further for a bonus article celebrating the anniversary of Buehler’s partnership with NASA and our involvement in the study of lunar samples.
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Applications of Metamaterials

With Prof. Lorenzo Valdevit

An overview of the definitions and classes of metamaterials will be provided with a specific emphasis to the applications as lightweight structural materials. The various features of structural metamaterials will be discussed as well as the role of metal additive manufacturing in enabling the scale of these materials. Future pathways to the implementation of these unique materials will be presented.

Applications of Light Metals

With Dr. Carl Söderhjelm

The lecture will first review the prototypical structures and identifying properties of various industrially relevant light metals. Then, several case studies will be presented to demonstrate the novel use of these materials in light weighting across different fields. The lecture will conclude with emerging materials and tools to design them.

Additive Manufacturing Overview

With Mr. Brandon Fields

The field of metal additive manufacturing will be discussed with a highlight to the variety of technologies currently in use and identify the industry leading techniques. The core principals of each will be presented along with comparisons and use cases for each.

Powder Metallurgy Versus Conventional Processing

With Prof. Diran Apelian or Dr. Ben MacDonald

Powder metallurgy as a class of processing technologies will be covered with an emphasis to the key differentiations with conventional processing. The implication of critical solidification parameters including cooling rate will be reviewed as they affect the refinement of microstructures and the presence of metastable structures. Traditional consolidation approaches to creating bulk parts will be discussed as well as the use of metal powder as a feedstock to additive manufacturing.

The Linkage of Processing Structure Properties

With Dr. Ben MacDonald

This lecture will serve to established and review the core metallurgical principles that are essential to understanding materials as a system. With an overview of the hierarchical structural features of metals, fundamentals of solidification, wrought processing, and heat treatment, the interconnected relationships of processing, structure, and properties will be established.

Current Trends in Light Weighting of Structural Materials

With Prof. Diran Apelian

This lecture will serve as a motivation for the course with emphasis on current trends in light weighting of structural materials. Global context to the need for light weighting will be provided as it is critical to a variety of fields from aerospace to the electrification of transportation. Paths forward will be proposed, specifically the unique potential of metal additive manufacturing to accomplishing these goals. This lecture will conclude by introducing the structure of the lectures that will be presented in the course.