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In the expanding electronics industry, Buehler stands as a committed partner to innovative manufacturers. Our adaptable equipment and efficient processes instill reliability and precision into component testing throughout product development. Our dedication to after-sales support makes us a leader in metallographic equipment and consultancy for electronics innovators.

Across the globe, Buehler’s highly skilled and strategically placed field experts are ready to drive your success in this fast-evolving field.

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Enhance your analyses, streamline your process, and maintain the highest brand standards for your components and materials with our free to download technical articles.
Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Boards
Elevate PCB expertise for R&D, production environments, and quality control. Expert insights on flexible circuits, micro-sectioning, solder analysis, and consumables for precision. Buehler: Precision meets innovation.
Sensors and Other Components
Sensors and Other Components
Gain foundational knowledge and improve sample preparation for sensors and other electronic components. Topics include, solder connect, lithium batteries, and more. Partner with Buehler for electrifying insight.
General Electric Components
General Electric Components

Elevate electronics expertise with Buehler. Explore diverse topics for strong sample preparation foundations and analysis best practices.

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Your process is our priority. Buehler experts have created enhanced methods for a variety of commonly used materials. Search by a variety of sample types for your exact needs or contact our lab team for an expert process review.

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Search by Material Type
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Contact Customer Care

Buehler's commitment to the electronics industry is evident in its partnership with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), which serves as a featured Buehler Customer Center. Buehler is on the technical advisory council and is also an affiliate CCAM member, committing testing equipment and research instruments to the CCAM facilities.

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Electronics Applications

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Printed Circuit Boards
Printed Circuit Boards

Circuiting Excellence: Uncover insights into Printed Circuit Board sample preparation through articles tailored for both R&D and production environments, including quality control measures. Learn from our experts who have specialized techniques for flexible circuits, micro-sectioning, solder connection analysis, and the science behind choosing the perfect consumables for materials preparation. Elevate your electronics groundwork with Buehler, where precision meets innovation.

Sensors and Other Components
Sensors and Other Components

Electronics Uncovered: explore sensor and other electrical component sample preparation through a collection of articles from our experts. Diverse topics include lithium battery sample preparation, the intricacies of solder connections, electronic component sectioning, and discovering best practices for selecting consumables for electronic materials. With Buehler as your partner, create a foundation of skills to elevate your electronics knowledge and capabilities.

General Electric Components
General Electric Components

Harness Versatility: With Buehler as your partner, expand your skills in the wide field of electronics. Build a strong footing in sample preparation through diverse topics, including microelectronics, solar cell microstructure analysis, lithium battery sample prep, and precise electronic component sectioning. Effective material preparation techniques start with a strong foundation, and Buehler can help.

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