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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance | Protect Your Investment
Ensure consistant performance of equipment, minimize production downtime and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs with Buehler Preventative Maintenance Services.

Learn about the maintenance plans: Buehler Preventative Maintenance & Calibration Service Brochure.

See what is included in a maintenance contract in our Service Contract Listing by Product in the table below.

For Buehler Preventative Maintenance Plans Quotations go to to create a ticket.
Service Contract
Name File
AbrasiMatic 300 Open PDF
AbrasiMatic 450 Open PDF
AbrasiMet 250 Open PDF
AutoMet Open PDF
Delta Manual Open PDF
Delta Medium / Delta Large Open PDF
EcoMet/AutoMet Open PDF
IsoMet 1000 Open PDF
IsoMet 4000/5000 Open PDF
IsoMet High Speed Open PDF
MetaServ Open PDF
PlanarMet 300 Open PDF
SimpliMet 1000 Open PDF
SimpliMet 3000 Open PDF
SimpliMet 4000 Open PDF