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Precidur Hardness Legacy Software

Precidur Hardness Legacy Software
PRECIDUR Hardness Testing Software
In 2008, through a puchase of the company that developed the PRECIDUR Hardness testing software, product portfolio was expanded to include a powerful software system. The PRECIDUR software complements the Wilson Hardness product portfolio with its well-known flexibility and powerful automatic Vickers/Knoop measurements.

PRECIDUR was developed in Germany by Fritz Müller GmbH in the early 1990's and is used on many Micro Hardness testers by a variety of manufacturers. It allows you to control your micro-hardness tester via computer and uses a camera to automatically measure your indents. It's programming features allow full-automatic patterning.

Today, PRECIDUR lives on the Wilson Hardness Minuteman Software that is optimized for our Tukon 1102/1202 Hardness Tester as well as the Tukon 2500 Knoop/Vickers Hardness Tester. The Minuteman software being backwards compatible with PRECIDUR, also can be used to upgrade your (micro) hardness tester.

There are three Software packages available:

Basic Software

Connect a camera to your Vickers/Knoop hardness testers and measure the indents on your PC screen. A powerful data management tool allows you to evaluate and store your data.

Semi-Automatic Software

Helps you setting up easy traverses for a CHD or NHT measurement, and eliminates the user influence by measuring the indent diagonals automatically.

Full-Automatic Software

Using a camera, motorised XY-stage and auto focus, the full automatic Precidur/Minuteman systems can take and measure hundreds of indents without operator interference.

Browse the Minuteman products offered by Buehler or contact us directly about your testing needs. Reicherter offered a broad range of hardness testers characterized by stable construction, outstanding accuracy and ease of use. With over 40,000 installations Reicherter hardness testers gained the trust of users all over the world.