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OmniMet™ delivers powerful image analysis possibilities combined with flexible database functionality. Customize OmniMet with intuitive user friendly point-and-click measurement possibilities, preprogrammed analysis routines, or with capabilities for running user programmable analysis scripts. The database utilizes a multi-tiered approach to logically organize numerous users and image data with unprecedented ease.

The OmniMet system offers seamless point-and-click integration of microscopes, cameras, and image analysis software via an intuitive Microsoft® Windows® interface. In general, any standard format image may be viewed directly from a calibrated microscope or be imported into OmniMet for analysis. OmniMet software is offered at different levels of flexibility, functionality, and analytical power to meet the metrology needs of every laboratory requiring image data archiving and quantitative image analysis.


  • Flexible platform with preconfigured software or hardware packages and optional accessories.
  • Optional Capture and Measurement Modules available to customize software solution


  • Any standard format image may be viewed directly from a calibrated microscope or be imported into OmniMet for analysis.
  • Local Area Network (LAN) support offered by OmniMet Viewer Module.


  • Built-in database for image archiving
OmniMet™ Software Specifications
Software Description Viewer CnM Basic Advanced Express Enterprise
Load and Save
Brightness, Auto-White Balance, Color Correction
Digital Zoom, Rotate, Calibration & Annotation
Camera Interface (USB, EEE I394, Capture Cards, DirectShow, Twain, etc.)
Motorized Stage Controller
Capture Modules (optional)
Standard Modules: Length, Area, Radius, Count, Parallel Lines
Advanced Modules: 3-point Circle, Adj. Angle, Polygon
Advanced Measurement Modules (optional)
Color Threshold (size, intensity), 16 Bitplanes
Automation Capable: Read & Run Scripts
ScriptEditor: Rread, Run, Write, adn Edit Scripts
Application Specific Scripts (optional)
Report Data, Report Generator (requires Microsoft® Office)
Results Window with measurements log
Database Interface
Database Creation & Administration
Included with package
Optional Module
* OmniMet Enterprise comes with a selection of scripts
Systems* Software** Editions
86-1-1001 86-1-1000 OmniMet Viewer allows networked users to view and modify images and information in an Omnimet database on the same network.
86-1-1010 OmniMet Capture N' Measure (CnM) enables image capture with basic measurement functions and scale bar (without database functions). Measuring tools include length, parallel lines, curved line, area, perimeter, radius, angle and count. Images can be saved in common formats. Results can be burnt into the image but cannot be stored or exported to Excel®.
86-1-1003 86-1-1002 OmniMet Basic includes everything in Capture ‘N Measure, and also adds databasing functionality for archiving as well as MS Office report templates for presenting results. Optional Capture Modules may be added for specific applications.
86-1-1005 86-1-1004 OmniMet Advanced includes everything in OmniMet Basic, and also adds enhanced measurements capabilities. Measurements can be saved in the database, or interactively to Excel worksheets. Built in statistical analysis streamlines interpretation of results and reporting. Optional Capture Modules and Advanced Measurement Modules may be added for specific applications.
86-1-1007 86-1-1006 OmniMet Express includes everything in OmniMet Advanced, with the added capability of running automated Scripts. Scripts are application specific image analysis packages to provide best efficiency and reproducibility for repeat analysis in high throughput environments. Optional Capture Modules, Advanced Measurement Modules and pre-programmed Application Specific Scripts may be added.
86-1-1009 86-1-1008 OmniMet Enterprise includes everything in OmniMet Express, with the added capability of writing and editing Scripts. Fully customizable Scripts allow the user complete control of analysis solutions. Comes with 8 commonly used Application Specific Scripts. Optional Capture Modules, Advanced Measurement Modules and additional Application Specific Scripts may be added.
* System Package includes software pre-installed on a Windows 10, 64-bit workstation and mousepad. Includes keyboard and mouse, does not include a monitor.
** Software Only package includes software, mousepad and is compatible with Windows 10 computer, (64-bit).
Adjusting Camera Setting in OmniMet