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Metallography and Materials Science Achievements

Metallography and Materials Science Achievements
The ASM Metallographic Award was established in 1946 for the best entry in the annual ASM metallographic competition. In 1958 it became known as Francis F. Lucas Metallographic Award and has been endowed since that date by Adolph I. Buehler. In 1972, ASM joined with the International Metallographic Society in sponsoring the Pierre Jacquet Gold Medal and the Francis F. Lucas Award for Excellence in Metallography. Beginning in 1976, this award is endowed by Buehler Ltd.
Jacquet Lucas Award
Received Date Name
1946 George R. Kuhn
1947 R. H. Hays
1948 E. C. Pearson
1949 D. H. Rowland
1950 Sten O. Modin
1951 H. P. Roth
1952 H. Griffin
1953 B. C. Leslie and R. J. Gray
1954 R. D. Buchheit, J. E. Boyd, A. A. Watts and F. C. Holden
1955 Francis M. Cain, Jr.
1956 Donald Mannas
1957 T. K. Bierlein and B. Mastel
1958 J. C. Gower, E. P. Griggs, W. E. Denny, J. E. Epperson and R. J. Gray
1959 F. M. Beck
1960 Gordon C. Woodside
1961 John F. Radavich and W. Couts, Jr.
1962 D. Medlin
1963 William C. Coons
1964 B. C. Leslie and R. J. Gray
1965 William C. Coons and Al Davinroy
1966 D. M. Maher and A. Eikum
1967 John F. Kisiel
1968 R. M. N. Pelloux and Mrs. H. Wallner
1969 R. H. Beauchamp and R. P. Nelson
1970 Donald R. Betner and Wayne D. Hepfer
1971 R. J. Gray
1972 C. J. Echer and S. L. Digiallonardo
1973 M. S. Grewal, B. H. Alexander and S. A. Sastri
1974 M.P. Pinnel, D.E. Heath, J. E. Bennett and G. V. McIlharagie
1975 William C. Coons
1976 Lars E. Soderqvist
1977 Ray H. Beauchamp, Derald H. Parks, Nate T. Saenz and Kenneth R. Wheeler
1978 Chris Bagnall and Robert Witkowski
1979 M. J. Bridges and S. J. Dekanich
1980 R. H. Beauchamp and K. Fredriksson
1981 Fumio Kurosawa, Isamu Taguchi and Hirowo G. Suzuki
1982 M. J. Carr, M. C. Mataya, T. O. Wilford and J. L. Young
1983 Veronika Carle and Eberhard Schmid
1984 Ray H. Beauchamp, Natalio T. Saenz and John T. Prater
1985 Ulrike Taffner and Rainer Telle
1986 N. T. Saenz, C. A. Lavender, M. T. Smith, D. H. Parks and G. M. Salazar
1987 S. A. David, John M. Vitek, C. Paul Haltom and Allison G. Barcomb
1988 S. A. David, John M. Vitek, L. A. Boatner, Gerald C. Marsh and Allison B. Baldwin
1989 Gerhard Hoerz and Monika C. Kallfass
1990 S. A. David, John M. Vitek and Allison B. Baldwin
1991 Michael R. Jones
1992 George F. Vander Voort
1993 Todd Leonhardt, Frank Terepka, M. Singh and Gayle Solits
1994 John W. Simmons, Bernard S. Covino, Stephen D. Cramer & John S. Dunning
1995 Kamal K. Soni, Riccardo Levi-Setti, Sandeep Shah & Steven J. Gentz
1996 Richard L. Bodnar and Samuel J. Lawrence
1997 John Yewko and Dennis L. Marshall
1998 Ramiro Pereyra and Eugene G. Zukas
1999 Kevin R. Luer
2000 Daniel J. Lewis and Sarah Allen
2001 Durgam Chakrapani
2002 Frederick F. Noeker, II
2003 Frederick F. Noeker, II
2004 Raymond Unocic, Michael J. Mills and Peter M. Sarosi
2005 Kousuke Kimura, Satoshi Hata, Syo Matsumara and Takao Horiuchi
2006 Ryan M. Deacon
2007 Glenn S. Daehn and Kinga A. Unocic
2008 Thomas J. Nizolek
2009 Brian F. Gerard
2010 Hendrik O. Colijn and Christopher G. Roberts
2011 William Lenthe, John Logan and Christopher Marvel
2012 Zhiping Luo
2013 Nabeel Hussain Alharthi
2014 Thomas J. Nizolek
2015 Peter Kirbiš
2016 Vikas Sinha, Sushant Jha, Adam Pilchak, Reji John, James Larsen, and William Porter, III