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Full Lab Solutions Delivered Fast

Full Lab Solutions Delivered Fast
We are proud to offer the complete Full Lab Solution with equipment that is designed and manufactured by Buehler to ensure the highest quality and utmost performance of your lab. Let Buehler help you create a new metallographic laboratory with equipment that ensures repeatability and reliability in the quality control or inspection testing process. Buehler meets the needs of new or growing labs with innovative, intuitive and dependable equipment that ships fast to meet your timeline.
Strong Partner, Reliable Solutions
As a division of Illinois Tool Works, a Fortune 200 company you can depend on Buehler to deliver proven customer-backed innovations that simplify your life. When you purchase Buehler products you also partner with our team of professionals dedicated to understanding your needs in the most demanding environments whether operating in Quality Control, Research & Development or Educational setting. We support you with a dedicated area representative and global lab department, applications expertise, ¬¬¬customer care and service teams.
Dedicated Account Manager
Buehler’s local teams are focused on making customer satisfaction a priority by building strong partnerships and delivering reliable solutions every time. Consult your Buehler representative to order the right cutters, grinder polishers, mounting press, hardness testers, software or microscopy equipment for your application.
Application Solutions & Expertise
Our material experts, Dr. Keeble, Dr. Mogire, Dr. Weber and a full team of global material scientists provide expertise for proper sectioning, mounting, grinding/polishing, hardness testing and image analysis to achieve a damage free surface of your sample. The Buehler Lab Team is also available to assist in customizing and improving your sample preparation process. They also offer free webinars throughout the year and hands on sample preparation classes at our global offices.
Applications for Buehler’s Full Lab Solution include:
Customer Care & Service Support
We support you with customer care, repair services and spare parts under warranty and beyond. Buehler also offers preventative maintenance and calibration services for equipment. Optical verifications for microscopes and recticles are also available. Buehler service technicians are available through our online case management platform eService. For regions covered by our distributor network, please contact your area distributor.
Quick Ship Equipment and Consumables
Agile companies and institutions in all sectors cannot afford to wait for lab equipment. Buehler can deliver a fully functioning lab with equipment from the list below in less than four weeks, and we’ll be available for product and technical support every step of the way.
We also deliver consumables when you need them and have online shops available 24/7 to take your orders. Check with our local representative for their online shopping address. For a complete listing of Buehler sample preparation consumable supplies or accessories please refer to the Buehler catalog or corporate online shop.