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Electronics Industry Applications

Applications for the Electronics Industry
Ensuring Quality in the Next Generation of Electronics

Buehler's Impact on the Electronic Materials Industry
The electronics industry moves a mile a minute, and Buehler is right there alongside the most ambitious and innovative manufacturers every step of the way.

Our flexible equipment and streamlined processes bring reliability and consistency to components testing during product development. Meanwhile, our commitment to after-sales support makes us a leader in metallographic equipment and consultancy for electronics makers. Buehler's field experts are highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and stationed at labs across the World. We provide equipment and consumables for:
Common Applications
PCB Component Verification
PCB Component Verification
Solder and Joint Analysis
Solder & Joint Analysis
Sensors and Components
Sensors & Components
Interconnect and Wiring Looms
Interconnect & Wiring Looms
IPC Through Holes
IPC Through Holes
Electronic Components
Electronic Components
Buehler's commitment to the electronics industry is evident in its partnership with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), which serves as a featured Buehler Customer Center. Buehler is on the technical advisory council and is also an affiliate CCAM member, committing testing equipment and research instruments to the CCAM facilities.

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