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AbrasiMet XL Large Speed Clamping Vise
Diamond blades and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) cutting blades are the preferred blade type when delicate and precise sectioning is needed. Diamond and CBN blades also perform better than traditional abrasive blades when cutting certain materials, especially very hard materials.

Buehler carries many different CBN blades and diamond blades in various diameters and thicknesses for many materials and applications including general use, hard materials, ceramic and petrographic samples, plastics and polymers, steel, and many more. Refer to the Ordering chart below to find the ideal diamond blade or CBN blade for your material and end application.

Precise, Clean Cuts:

  • Diamond and CBN blades offer thin blades that remove small amounts of material and reduce the surface damage.
  • Ideal choice when a precise and delicate cut is required. 

Unique Blades for Specific Applications:

  • Depending on the material being cut, a different combination of abrasive size, concentration and bond strength is needed. Buehler has developed blades for specific applications to ensure a high quality result is achieved. The selection table on the "Ordering" tab provides a recommended blade by application.

Wide Diameter Range: 

  • Precise sectioning is typically done on smaller precision cutters, but can also be done on larger saws. With diamond and CBN blades ranging from 3" [76mm] to 18" [450mm], precise sectioning can be done on all Buehler saws.
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