Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large

The Delta Large is a floor standing automatic chop and orbital saw cutter. This orbital and chop cutter reduces variability of sample quality with the programmable cuts.

The automatic chop and orbital Delta cutting machine creates more time for critical activities and provides consistent and repeatable results. The sturdy design of the large Delta cutter allows it to handle the toughest abrasive environments.

Highly reproducible results

  • Repeatable and consistent cuts with automatic cutting
  • Able to cut samples quickly without compromising cut quality by minimizing blade contact time with orbital cutting

Durable machine design

  • A machine that can handle the abrasive environment with a stainless steel T-Slot

Simple setup for efficient cuts

  • The automatic cutting creates more time for critical activities
  • Electrical break for user safety and quick part change

Flexibility for changing lab needs

  • Allow for sectioning of parts with a 6.5in diameter. (varies based on part shape)

Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large
Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large Specifications
Dimensions (with hood closed) 46in W x 66in H x 40in D (1168mm X 1676mm x 1016mm)
Dimensions (with hood open) 46in W x 73in H x 40in D (1168mm X 1854mm x 1016mm)
Motor Power 7.5hp (5.5kW)/10hp (7.5kW)
Electrical 10 - 23xx - 250, 200 - 240 Volt / 50Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 260, 200 - 240 Volt / 60Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 400, 380 - 415 Volt / 50Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 460, 440 - 480 VOlt / 60Hz / 3 phase
Maximum Wheel Speed 14in Delta is 2200rpms
16in Delta Cutter & 18in Delta Cutter is 2000rpms
Feed Rate .001 - .196in/second in .003 - .004in/second increments
(.05 - 5.0mm/second in .1mm/second increments)
Coolant System Tank Size 24gal (90L)
Coolant System Flow Rate 6gal/min (22L/min)
T-Nut Size 12
Weight 800lbs (365kg)
Shipping Weight 800lbs (400kg)

Part Number Voltage Compatible Recirculating System
(not included)
Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
200-240VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-260 Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
440-480VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-460 Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
380-415VAC, 50Hz 10-2332-400 Quick Quote
18in [455mm], 15hp
440-480 VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-460 Quick Quote
18in [455mm], 15hp
380-415VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-400 Quick Quote

Accessories & Consumables for the Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large

Abrasive Blades
Abrasive Blades
Abrasive Vises
Abrasive Vises
Diamond and CBN Blades
Diamond and CBN Blades
Recirculation System 22 gal [90 L]
Recirculation System
102332260 [200-240 VAC, 60 Hz]
102332460 [440-480 VAC, 60 Hz]
102332250 [200-240 VAC, 50 Hz]
102332400 [380-400 VAC, 50 Hz]


Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large
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