Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large

The Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large has been replaced by the AbrasiMet XL Pro Automatic Abrasive Cutter.

Highly reproducible results

  • Repeatable and consistent cuts with automatic cutting
  • Able to cut samples quickly without compromising cut quality by minimizing blade contact time with orbital cutting

Durable machine design

  • A machine that can handle the abrasive environment with a stainless steel T-Slot

Simple setup for efficient cuts

  • The automatic cutting creates more time for critical activities
  • Electrical break for user safety and quick part change

Flexibility for changing lab needs

  • Allow for sectioning of parts with a 6.5in diameter. (varies based on part shape)

Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large
Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large Specifications
Dimensions (with hood closed) 46in W x 66in H x 40in D (1168mm X 1676mm x 1016mm)
Dimensions (with hood open) 46in W x 73in H x 40in D (1168mm X 1854mm x 1016mm)
Motor Power 7.5hp (5.5kW)/10hp (7.5kW)
Electrical 10 - 23xx - 250, 200 - 240 Volt / 50Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 260, 200 - 240 Volt / 60Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 400, 380 - 415 Volt / 50Hz / 3 phase
10 - 23xx - 460, 440 - 480 VOlt / 60Hz / 3 phase
Maximum Wheel Speed 14in Delta is 2200rpms
16in Delta Cutter & 18in Delta Cutter is 2000rpms
Feed Rate .001 - .196in/second in .003 - .004in/second increments
(.05 - 5.0mm/second in .1mm/second increments)
Coolant System Tank Size 24gal (90L)
Coolant System Flow Rate 6gal/min (22L/min)
T-Nut Size 12
Weight 800lbs (365kg)
Shipping Weight 800lbs (400kg)

Part Number Voltage Compatible Recirculating System
(not included)
Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
200-240VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-260 Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
440-480VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-460 Quick Quote
16in [406mm], 10hp
380-415VAC, 50Hz 10-2332-400 Quick Quote
18in [455mm], 15hp
440-480 VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-460 Quick Quote
18in [455mm], 15hp
380-415VAC, 60Hz 10-2332-400 Quick Quote

Accessories & Consumables for the Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large

Abrasive Blades
Abrasive Blades
Abrasive Vises
Abrasive Vises
Diamond and CBN Blades
Diamond and CBN Blades


Delta Chop and Orbital Cutter - Large
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