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Buehler Webinar Registration

Buehler Webinar Registration

Buehler Webinar Registration

2020 Wilson Hardness Webinar Series to Focus on Surface Hardened Parts

Hardness Testing of Atmospheric Heat Treated & Hardened Parts

March 2020
Hardness Testing of Atmospheric Heat Treated & Hardened Parts

Are you testing parts for aerospace or automotive? Do you want to improve your sample preparation for micro-hardness testing? If yes, join Buehler for this educational series that will be conducted in several time zones and languages.

The webinar is presented for metallurgical technicians, engineers and others who carry out hardness testing of materials as part of quality control or inspection during production. In the first webinar of the hardness series the topics covered include:
  • Explore Hardness test application on surface hardened parts with Vickers and Rockwell testing
Review hardness testing applications
  • Specimen preparation for microhardness tests
  • Case study of surface hardened parts
  • Evaluate hardness mapping of surface hardened parts
  • Hardness Traverse Testing with:
    • Carburized Hardening Depth (CHD) parts
    • CHD Relative for Induction Hardened parts
    • Nitride/Plasma Hardened parts
Sign up today for a place in the virtual Buehler classroom. Attendees will receive a Certificate of Participation after the Webinar. We look forward to meeting you in our class! Bring your questions as we will follow up with everyone.

See you this March in one of our virtual seminars!
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