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SumMet Training | -

SumMet Training Class  |  -
 Mechanical preparation course, for both beginners and more experienced personnel
 Up to date theory and practice of mechanical preparation
 Preparation of a range of sample materials and own samples*
 Etching and microscopy techniques for microstructural analysis
This three day course is constructed to address all aspects of specimen preparation for microstructural analysis, as well as optical microscopy and hardness testing. The idea is to develop a technical understanding of what happens when specimens are sectioned, encapsulated, ground, polished, etched and then observed optically. Extensive practical sessions on specimen preparation and demonstration of analysis techniques, for various materials.
Areas covered include:
 Sample Selection and Sectioning (Theory and Practical)
 Specimen Encapsulation (Theory and Practical)
 Grinding and Polishing (Theory and Practical)
 Etching Techniques (Theory)
 Optical Microscopy
 Imaging and Image Analysis (Theory)
 Principles of Hardness Testing (Theory
* Please note that specimens must be sent to Buehler to arrive at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the course for inclusion. Please use this form to register for a place at this event. We will follow up with a formal quote, and seats on the course are finalized once a purchase order is received. We will typically send further information, including details of the venue and agenda, 6-8 weeks prior to the event. If more details are required on any Buehler course, please contact [email protected]
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