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Buehler Introduces Better For You, Better for the Environment Initiative

Buehler Introduces Better For You, Better for the Environment Initiative  Image Lake Bluff, IL... Buehler’s commitment to sustainability not only includes clean energy and environmental responsibility but also improving products to minimize impact on the environment, reduce waste and minimize health hazards for users. The company has named this initiative “Better for You, Better for the Environment”. Buehler is launching this program during Earth month, as it focuses on offering products and solutions that minimize impact to the environment, reduce waste, save on utilities, and minimize health hazards for users.

Buehler has an assortment of new supplies and accessories that are aimed at reducing waste, extending lifetime, maximizing usage before disposal/recycling, and are safer for lab technicians. Buehler equipment reduces water consumption and minimizes energy consumption with efficient motors. Many Buehler consumables last longer and save on repeat purchases. The OmniMet and DiaMet software programs allow for electronic data storage and save on printing. Buehler also continues our commitment by improving and reformulating products to minimize health and safety risks. Concern for the safety of colleagues and customers fosters a proactive safety culture throughout the organization.

This April, Buehler will launch its “Better for You, Better for the Environment video series that will be featured in upcoming LinkedIn and social media posts on April 15, 22, and 29.

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The videos will include both improved lab supplies and equipment:

  • Phenocure LP - Improved low hazard phenolic thermoset resin
  • Varidur – Improved low hazard fast curing acrylic mounting system
  • Abrasive Blades – Reduced waste by lasting up to 3x longer than traditional products
  • DGD Mosaic – Diamond Grinding Discs with longer life and less waste
  • MetaDi Paste – Concentrated, consistent small diamond particles resulting in less waste
  • MasterPrep – Efficient alumina suspension polishing formula resulting in less waste
  • Hardness Test Blocks – Grid-lined test blocks resulting in maximized usage before replacement
  • Abrasive Saw Recirculation Systems – Reduced water usage and disposal by pulling out debris

As a business, Buehler also maintains annual certification to ISO 14001 holding employees and management teams accountable to track and regularly improve key metrics that impact the environment like electricity usage, sustainable power for our operations, and recycling management throughout the facility. Buehler minimizes waste through a vigorous recycling and repacking programs along with employee commitment to environmental responsibility. To improve your process and include the improved, efficient and safer products, please contact your sales representative. For additional product information visit