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Press Releases

Buehler Introduces SimpliMet 4000™ – Advanced Mounting System Designed for Speed, Durability & Ease of Use

Buehler Introduces SimpliMet 4000™ – Advanced Mounting System Designed for Speed, Durability & Ease of Use Image The SimpliMet 4000 compression mounting system eliminates bottlenecks at the mounting stage, rapidly transforming cut samples to specimens ready for grinding and polishing. Designed to be reliable in 24/7 manufacturing environments, the SimpliMet 4000 has undergone rigorous testing to perform for long periods and last for years.

Throughput time for the lab user is improved with the SimpliMet's fast mounting cycles and specimen duplex capabilities (where two specimens are produced simultaneously in the same mold). It is equipped with the SmartCool intelligent cooling system that optimizes cooling time while also ensuring operator safety and minimal water usage. The intuitive interface sets and stores temperature, pressure and time, thus shortening set up.

The SimpliMet 4000 is also packaged within a small footprint to relieve overcrowding in the lab's benchtops while producing more mounts. The single handed closure mechanism engages quickly, and makes moving to the next task a breeze. These time saving features married with rigorous accelerated life cycle testing to 160,000 cycles deliver a press that will perform day in and day out.

Product Manager Jill Dreschler comments: "The SimpliMet 4000 was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding labs. Reliability and speed are critical for production labs, so Buehler designed the product with these features as our primary goal. Our customers demand mounting equipment that is not only efficient and durable but also preserves valuable bench space – the SimpliMet4000 meets all these requirements."

Buehler is a leading provider of scientific equipment, supplies, consumables and analysis techniques for use in materials preparation, image analyses and hardness testing. Buehler products cross a wide variety of industries, including Primary Metals, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Electronics, Medical, Energy and more. For more information on the SimpliMet 4000 contact at: email or contact at 847-295-6500.