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Together We will Weather the Storm

Together We will Weather the Storm Image In critical times such as these, Buehler is staying focused on what is important: ensuring help is provided to those who need it most. The health and safety of our employees and the public is paramount, and we are operating with the utmost caution to limit the transmission of Coronavirus, while ensuring continuity of operations.

We are keeping our employees and partners safe, in each of our locations around the world, so they can continue to make products that are needed to support critical industries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. We will continue to stand by and support you, our customers, who are doing the same.

Since its founding in 1936, Buehler has partnered with research centers and industries by delivering metallographic products and materials testing solutions that are used around the world. Buehler is proud to engineer and manufacture Wilson hardness testers, found in 1920. This year we are celebrating Wilson’s centennial anniversary. Over these last 100 years, we have endured the uncertainties of war and recession and have come through it.

Today we offer you both online resources and our dedicated support team that is ready to assist.

  • Our website’s Solutions section includes information for your Industry, Technical Papers, Webinars on Demand, Blogs, Videos and Methods for your education.
  • Our inventory levels and supply chain are stable. See your area representative for normal ordering information.
  • Our dedicated multi-disciplianary teams are ready to assist with online presentations, product demonstrations and technical support. Contact us today.
  • Our service team continues to service equipment. Please visit the eService desk for local area service team response.

Our parent company, ITW began in 1912 with humble roots. The company endured the uncertainties of war and recessions, expanded across the globe, and transformed entire industries. Buehler has been a part of ITW since 2006, and together we will weather this storm.