New "Cool 3" Cutting Fluid Maximizes Efficiency and Reduces Workplace Pollution in Materialography and Production
New The new high-performance cutting fluid Cool 3 ensures the efficient removal of heat and particles, and provides high environmental compatibility for sectioning of metals, plastics and ceramics in materialography.

September 2015 – With its new water-soluble Cool 3 cutting fluid, Buehler - ITW meets the demand for a highly efficient and at the same time ecofriendly coolant/lubricant for use in materialography and production. Cool 3 removes heat, abrasion products and chips quickly and efficiently from the cutting surface, thereby enabling high sectioning performance and throughput. The transparent high-performance cutting fluid features a novel boron-free formula without mineral and synthetic oils, and has a pleasant smell which avoids negative impact on the health and well-being of laboratory and production staff. At a recommended concentration of 4% to 8% in water, Cool 3 is perfectly suited to all sectioning and grinding tasks encountered in a variety of environments ranging from research laboratories up to industrial quality control, and for a wide range of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics and composite materials, right up to ceramics. Owing to its high stability, Cool 3 offers a long useful life in recirculating cooling systems, thus reducing the strain on your budget. The coolant/lubricant prevents corrosion and helps to maintain the high quality of your chucks without leaving a sticky residue. Cool 3 is available in containers of 1 and 10 liters and is compatible with all abrasive wheels used on abrasive cutters from the AbrasiMet, AbrasiMatic and Delta series, as well as the IsoMet™ and PetroThin™ precision cutters and with the new PlanarMet 300 bench-top planar grinding machine. In addition Cool 3 is also suitable for use with additional Buehler products used in sample preparation, such as AddiCool, an additive specifically designed to prevent galvanic corrosion of non-ferrous metals, or the anti-bacterial system cleaner ReciClean. Thirdparty instruments may also benefit from the advantages offered by Cool 3.