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Press Releases

Buehler Delivers Metallographic Solutions to Manufacturers at AeroMat 2018

Buehler Delivers Metallographic Solutions to 
Manufacturers at AeroMat 2018 Image Lake Bluff, Illinois The Aerospace industry mandates the highest level of new product development and quality control. Buehler has been focusing on delivering solutions to help manufacturers by providing more reliable equipment and consumables for material testing in industries that demand excellence and where only 100% success is acceptable. Buehler will be exhibiting this equipment at the AeroMat Conference in Orlando, Florida May 7-9, 2018 booth #1519. It is co-located with the Thermal Spray Conference. Passes are available through Buehler’s marketing team. Buehler will demonstrate the user-friendly, yet robust EcoMet 30 grinder-polishers, which will be shown for the first time at AeroMat, the IsoMet™ High Speed Pro precision cutter, the SimpliMet 4000 compression mounting press with duplex capabilities and many new consumables.

EcoMet 30 Grinder/Polisher Easy to Use Yet Solid Machine for Laboratories

The EcoMet 30 family of grinder-polishers are extremely easy to handle and use. They are metal cast and are available in manual and semi-automated versions, equipped with either one or two platens. All four types offer reliability and time-saving features which significantly reduce staff workload, and enable a corresponding increase in sample throughput. This is true particularly for labs using a dedicated machine for each sample preparation stage. Advanced cleaning features provided by these robust models also contribute significantly towards speeding up grinding and polishing processes.

Smart Cut System in IsoMet High Speed Assures Perfect Sample

Buehler’s IsoMet™ High Speed Pro system is a benchtop precision cutter featuring highly intuitive operation for efficient and accurate sectioning. Its advanced design and innovative sectioning vises simplify and accelerate sample setup. Precision laser, tool-less clamping mechanism and disc movement in three axes enable fast and accurate sample alignment. Sectioning with precision and abrasive sectioning cutters can now be performed even faster, without any loss in sectioning quality.

The SimpliMet 4000 for Fast Compression Mounting

One of the biggest benefits for the laboratory technician of the SimpliMet 4000 is throughput time is improved with the SimpliMet’s fast mounting cycles and specimen duplex capabilities. It accommodates seven mold assembly sizes from 50mm to 1”. It is equipped with the SmartCool intelligent cooling system that optimizes laboratory process times and water usage by releasing specimen at optimum handling time. The intuitive interface sets and stores temperature, pressure and time, thus shortening set up. The single handed closure mechanism engages the user quickly, and makes moving to the next task a breeze.

Metallurgical Testing with Wilson Micro Hardness Testers

The Wilson® VH1102/1202 series micro hardness testers from Buehler are designed for Knoop and Vickers hardness tests, and are versatile, cost-efficient, and reliable solutions for hardness measurement applications in quality control, sourced material verification and metallurgical research. They are available in varying degrees of automation and allow operators to take measurements using the digital eyepiece in standalone mode, or by using an optional integrated high-resolution camera and the powerful DiaMet™ hardness testing software. See the video here.

Consumables Designed for Improved Sample Preparation

Buehler’s consumables portfolio covers a variety of abrasive blades, epoxy and acrylic mounting compounds including the EpoKwick FC, a market leading fast-cure epoxy with maximum pore penetration and lower viscosity and excellent edge retention. Buehler will also be demonstrating the complete line of magnetic backed polishing cloths. They are available on the company’s estore.

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Since 1936 Buehler has been a leading manufacturer of instruments, consumables and accessories for metallography and materials analysis and also supplies a comprehensive range of hardness testers and hardness testing systems. A tight network of branch offices and dealers means our customers can depend on professional assistance and service around the world.

Buehler is part of the Test and Measurement Segment of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) a Fortune 200 company with 100 decentralized business units in 52 countries and around 51,000 employees.