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Press Releases



See them in Action at the Material Science and Technology Show

October 8-12, 2017 at Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Lake Bluff, Illinois… Buehler is demonstrating the Magnetic Backed Polishing Cloths to simplify the polishing process at the Material Science and Technology Show. The show is held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 8-12, 2017 . Buehler invites the show attendees to visit the booth and see the complete array of magnetic polishing cloths in Booth #501.

Don’t Miss the New Magnetic Polishing Cloth Demonstrations at Booth #501

Material scientists, engineers from the four leading materials science-related societies attending MS&T – ACerS, AIST, ASM International, and TMS are invited to Booth #501 to see their favorite Buehler polishing cloths with magnetic backing. The magnetic polishing cloths combine the original Buehler polishing cloth material with a stiff magnetic liner to provide a convenient and easy to handle solution for the polishing process.

A magnetic receptive backing is available on the premium Buehler polishing cloths offered in 8”(203mm), 10”(254mm) and 12”(305mm) sizes for these popular polishing cloth styles:
TriDent™ VerduTex™ MicroCloth™ VelTex™ PoliCloth ™ MicroFloc™ MasterTex™ ChemoMet™ UltraPad™ Nylon™ TexMet

Also at the MS&T Conference … Buehler Presents Jacquet-Lucas Award and Invites all to IMS Reception

Buehler is proud to be the benefactor of the prestigious Jacquet-Lucas Award for Excellence in Metallography, awarded to the best entry in the annual ASM International Metallographic Competition.  Originally endowed in 1958 by Buehler’s founder, the award has been continually sponsored by Buehler since 1976. The winner will be announced at the ASM Awards Dinner during MS&T. Join Buehler at the IMS Icebreaker reception from 9-12pm Monday 9th October in WE-Westmoreland East. The Buehler team looks forward to seeing everyone in Pittsburgh!

For additional information on Buehler’s Magnetic Cloths visit the Buehler website. Buehler also offers a Polishing Application Guide with recommended methods for polishing with fine, intermediate and coarse polishing cloth selections and material methods.

Buehler maintains an extensive network of laboratory, sales, distributors and service teams that are available to meet with customers worldwide. For additional information on the Buehler product offering please visit or contact Buehler at

ABOUT BUEHLER Buehler is a global industrial manufacturer of value-added consumables and testing equipment with related service businesses. The company innovates solutions and offers expert service and support throughout the materials preparation and analysis market.  For additional information on the Buehler product offering please visit or contact Buehler at USA 1-847-295-6500.