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Buehler Engineer, Doug Ceckowski Recognized for Patent Design | EcoMet™ - AutoMet™ Grinder-Polisher Innovation Gains Momentum in Metallography

Buehler Engineer, Doug Ceckowski Recognized for Patent Design | EcoMet™ - AutoMet™ Grinder-Polisher Innovation Gains Momentum in Metallography

 Image Lake Bluff, IL … Doug Ceckowski, Buehler Software Engineer was recognized by the ITW Patent Society with a Special Award for the design of the EcoMet-AutoMet at the annual Patent Society Dinner, held on May 11, 2016. The Special Award is granted to any ITW employee whose name is listed on a patent that generates an exceptional level of commercial and technical successes for the company. Doug Ceckowski received the special award for his participation in the team that developed the EcoMet-AutoMet grinder-polisher platform model.

Ceckowski, explains, “The novel part of this product design, and the basis for the patent, is the overall platform configurations made possible by sharing three key fundamental subsystems; the heart of the platform. Each subsystem standing on their own is not unique or novel, but combined it provided an elegant design architecture that minimized system complexity and reduced many typical of costs over the course of the product life cycle.” These sub-systems are:

  • An electrical motor-controlled lead screw mechanical system for force and position control with a load cell and precision digital encoder to closed the loops.
  • Universal voltage, mixed signal electronics for prime mover power and modular microprocessor digital controls. Same PCB’s for all configurations.
  • A single version of real time embedded software that accommodates all configurations.   

Mr. Ceckowski is a long term employee of Buehler having celebrated 17 years in 2015. He is a key part of Buehler’s research and design engineering group. Meredith Platt, Buehler General Manager and ITW Vice President, affirms, “The EcoMet-AutoMet was released in 2009 and has led to a product development trajectory of creating platform products that combine major features and capabilities into a consolidated design.  An effort is made on all new designs to share common components, reduce product SKUs, and set the groundwork for modular designs. Buehler is indeed proud of Doug’s accomplishments and we are grateful for his contributions.”

Buehler is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), and is a premier manufacturer of scientific equipment and supplies for use in materials analysis with offices in nine countries, sales distribution in over 100 countries, and over 45 Buehler Solutions Centers.

Buehler was founded in 1936 by Swiss immigrant, Adolph I. Buehler, who saw a need for metallographic sample preparation equipment and optical inspection instruments for the steel and automotive industries in the Midwest USA. In the 1960s the company expanded to Europe and since 1979 the company has had a presence in China. European headquarters are based in Esslingen, Germany; Asian offices include Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Buehler maintains its legacy of industry partnership and innovation through a committed Research and Development team that engineers products for key industries such as aerospace, automotive, metals and electronics. Recognized brands under the Buehler umbrella include Reicherter, Wolpert, Rockwell and Wilson hardness testers. 

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Founded in 1969 to recognize the patent contributions of ITW personnel worldwide, the ITW Patent Society currently has over 1200 members, including hundreds of engineers, technicians, salespeople, and other innovative thinkers.