Wilson Hardness Days

Since 1936, Buehler has been a leader in the engineering and design of metallographic equipment and since 2012, Buehler also became the manufacturer of the Wilson brand of Hardness Testers. Buehler is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Wilson this year and with that we are excited to host the first ever Wilson Hardness Days. The Hardness Day celebration will occur on November 4-5, 2020 and will include many hardness testing topics.

Dr. Mike Keeble, US Labs and Technology Manager and Dr. Evans Mogire, EU Labs and Technology Manager have planned educational programs for both beginners and experienced technicians.

Dr. Mike KeebleDr. Keeble, “As we celebrate Wilson, the hardness brand within Buehler, we want to mark this year with something special. Many customers can’t travel to trade shows or our Solutions Centers to see the machines in action, so along with many other activities we decided to bring the lab to them with technical and educational webinars and now the Hardness Days event.”

Dr. Evans MogireDr. Evans adds, “Since we wanted to make this available to as many customers as possible, we decided to offer the program during the morning hours in the United States, which will allow our European customers to join us as well. We are delighted to put this on and hope that this becomes a valuable resource for all industries that include hardness testing in their quality control programs.”

You will be able to select the topics of interest and register in advance for subjects of interest. Topics planned for Hardness Days include:

  • Fundamentals of Hardness Testing
  • Calibration and Test Blocks
  • Machine Calibration and Servicing
  • Hardness Overview of Equipment
  • Introducing the New Rockwell Tester
  • Troubleshooting and Best Practice for Hardness Testing
  • Live Demonstrations of DiaMet Software
    • Case Hardened Depth
    • Hardness Mapping
    • Coating Testing
    • Weld Testing

Hardness Testing: Advanced Microhardness Evaluation, Using Automated Systems with Software
Questions and Answers will also be handled by our team and may be submitted in advance.
If you would like to receive the Hardness Days updates and get the registration information, please provide your email. If you have a question you would like addressed please submit your question.

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