Take another look at our SimpliMet 4000 Compression Mounting Press

Fast mounting cycles, small footprint and even does duplex mounting

Optimize Productivity in Your Space

  • Take Another Look at our SimpliMet 4000 Compression Mounting PressThe SimpliMet 4000 packs fast mounting cycles into limited bench space, optimizing productivity. By replacing older, slower, larger presses; capacity can be doubled for the same amount of space.
  • Fast duplex mounting allows two mounts to be made during the same cycle with negligible increase in cycle time.

Ease of use saves time and protects sample quality

  • Simple user interface eliminates errors and protects the quality of your sample prep. Everything you need is right on the front panel.
  • Use your press out of the box without the wait. New employees can be trained quickly
Our SimpliMet 4000 Videos show you how easy it is to use:

This video demonstrates how to use the SimpliMet 4000 mounting press to mount a steel sample in a 1.25-inch mount using EpoMet. It also includes an overview of the control panel use and functionality.

This video provides an overview of the duplex function on the SimpliMet 4000 mounting press. It shows how to load two samples into the mounting chamber and calculate how much mounting media is needed by using the Mounting Media Calculator.

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