Make the Most Out of Your Abrasive Saw

The Abrasive saw is an important machine in most microstructural analysis laboratories, and keeping them running smoothly can make the difference between an efficient process and wasted time! Tips for best performance from your abrasive cutter: Coolant flow: abrasive sectioning should always wet, with an ample flow of coolant that includes both corrosion protection and lubrication. Select the correct wheel: abrasive type, size, bond strength are essential to achieving a high quality cut. Tank maintenance: Wash cutter out frequently and remove swarf regularly to avoid particulate recirculation. Avoid trapping humidity by keeping the hood open while not in use. Buehler’s SmartCut™ feedback systems on automatic saws automatically reduce the feedrate to ensure burn-free consistent cuts, prevent damage to machine or sample and to reduce wheel breakage.

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