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Automotive Industry Applications

Automotive Industry Applications
Driving Automotive Excellence Since 1936

Buehler's Impact on the Automotive Materials Industry
Buehler was one of the first manufacturers to specialize in metallographic sample preparation equipment fo the automotive industry, and has been a trusted partner to original equipment manufacturers and component suppliers ever since. Material scientists, researchers and technicians trust the Buehler brand name not just for reliable equipment, but also for deep expertise and prompt service. We deliver robust testing equipment and consumables specific to high-demand automotive applications, including:
Common Applications
Automotive Suspension & Steering Components
Suspension & Steering Components
Automotive Case-Hardened Crankshafts
Case-Hardened Crankshafts
Automotive Connectors
Automotive Aluminum & Steel
Aluminum & Steel
Automotive Fasteners
Automotive Welding
Welded Structures
Automotive Gears
Infrared Line Sensors
Infrared Line Sensors
Automotive Composite Materials
Composite Materials
Automotive Paints and Coatings
Paints & Coatings
Automotive Batteries
Automotive Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs
Buehler's commitment to automotive partnership with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) automotive research center. The facility includes a fully staffed Buehler Laboratory.

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Insider Tips
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Technical Articles
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  • Lithium Battery Sample Preparation
  • Metallographic Preparation of Fasteners
  • Metallographic Preparation of Fasteners; Hardness testing evaluation
  • Metallographic Preparation of Fasteners; Microscopic carburisation assessment and analysis of steel fasteners
  • Metallographic Preparation of Fasteners; Small Sized Fasteners
  • Metallographic Preparation of Fiber Reinforced Composites with/without Metallic Inserts
Case Studies
  • AbrasiMet XL Pro Saves Time and Money for Auto Industry Supplier
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