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Education & Support

More thorough testing of increasingly complex materials, to include microstructural analysis, is being driven by industry and consumer requirements for improved product quality and reliability. Existing methods for specimen preparation can be insufficient to produce excellent results in higher throughput environments. The desire for speed, consistency and quality have created demand for improved preparation and analysis techniques. Besides offering solutions for this purpose, the training courses offered by Buehler enable individuals to obtain or improve the necessary preparation skills. Buehler established the Institute for Microstructural Analysis in 1989, offering both general introductory courses and specialized courses focused on the needs of specific industries or applications. All courses include supervised, hands-on activities in the laboratory with classroom instruction to help students understand the principles. Courses are offered at the Buehler headquarters in Lake Bluff, IL, USA, Buehler GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany, the University of Warwick and other affiliated institutions.